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Posted on: Tue, 07/13/2004 - 9:10am
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I had lunch today at P.F. Chang's with my mom. As we were leaving, I heard the manager approach the table next to us. The folks next to us had ordered a dish to be prepared without mushrooms, and he came to check whether or not it was due to an allergy concern (it wasn't - they just hate mushrooms!). Of course my ears pricked right up when I heard the word allergy, and listned as he talked to them. He was extremely knowledgable. I complimented him on the way out, and told him how much I appreciated the care he took. He told me that I could call him anytime, and he would have dishes prepared especially for DS, from new pots that they keep in the back. Of course, sap that I am, I got all teary. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]

I'm not sure I would actually do it, especially since DS is also TNA and sesame allergic; I still think it is probably too risky. I was just really impressed by their attention to detail and allergy awareness. I've already written to P.F. Chang's corporate to compliment this manager.

Has anyone ever eaten there?


Posted on: Tue, 07/13/2004 - 9:33am
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Which PF Changs?
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Posted on: Tue, 07/13/2004 - 9:56am
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I just had PF Changs the other night but don't think I'd feel comfortable taking my PA son there. I didn't even think to ask but didn't see any actual peanuts on the menu but lots of TN and Sesame.

Posted on: Tue, 07/13/2004 - 10:06am
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The P.F. Chang's I ate at is in Westbury, NY - a bit of schlep for you!

Posted on: Wed, 07/14/2004 - 2:41pm
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That is encouraging to see a restaurant manager take such care.
Asian is a treat that my DH and I have w/o my PA dd. I would have to be 100% completely comfortable with the restaurant and manager before I took my dd to any asian place, so much risk of cross contamination!

Posted on: Mon, 08/23/2004 - 2:47am
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Posted on: Fri, 01/07/2005 - 10:55am
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Just another applause for PF Changs. My family and I just moved back to the Rochester NY area and I found a support group here.The first meeting I attended was at PF Changs.(every other meeting is a "social meeting"),the group did this to show there support of PF Changs as they are allergy aware. My family ordered our first meal for my PA DS. They said they did not use peanut oil and they brought up the cross contamination issue and said that the order would be marked and care taken to avoid this. There are only one or two meals that have peanuts and when I picked up the food, the waiter told me the peanuts are put in the dishes last and again assured me the food was safe. We had a great meal! This is the second time in a year my DH and I have had Chinese and only the first time for my DS. I hope others have the ability to speak with and try PF Changs too!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted on: Sun, 02/06/2005 - 1:10pm
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I posted about this in the thread on who avoids Chinese food. My 9 year old dd just had her very first restaurant meal ever, and it was at PF Changs. I was blown away by how allergy aware the management was. I had gone there with a date a few weeks before(I am a single mom) and when the waiter came to take our order, he said "does anyone at this table have any allergies to any foods?" I was a little surprised, but since I was with a date, I did not get into a long discussion about it. I later found out that their waiters are told to ask that every time they take an order. Dd is also allergic to milk, and until recently was allergic to egg, so the only food she had ever had in a restaurant was fresh fruit, a salad with just oil and vinegar on the side, fries at the food court at the mall, or fries at Fatburger, nothing else. I called ahead to PF Changs, and spoke with the manager. She was so nice, and immediately knew which dishes would be peanut free/tree nut free/ milk free. She said she would make a note of it to the person who would be the manager the following night when we came in. Both managers told me that they do not use peanut oil at all, and that they have very few dishes with peanuts. The amazing thing is they have special woks for food allergic people, woks that have never been exposed to tree nuts/peanuts. The woks are in a separate part of the kitchen so that food from one wok does not splatter onto the wok cooking the meal for the allergic person. I don`t know how they would handle the sesame allergy, but I will say they are very allergy aware, and definitely understand the idea of cross contamination.
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Posted on: Sun, 02/06/2005 - 1:24pm
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sorry, posted in wrong thread
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Posted on: Tue, 01/10/2006 - 6:48am
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We decided to try PF Chang's last night (Bellevue Square

Posted on: Wed, 01/18/2006 - 11:25am
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That's wonderful, Jana!
I've only eaten at P.F. Chang's once, and it was my last trip to Seattle. I don't think it was in Bellevue, even though I was spending some time in that area. I had the best lemon chicken ever!
My DS is only PA (but avoids all TN), and I'd love to be able to take him there when we finally go to visit friends. I love hearing these positive tales.


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