How many with multiple kids with PA?

Posted on: Tue, 09/28/2004 - 1:22am
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Hello, I have a 2.5 year old who is PA. I also have a 5 month old. For those of you with multiple kids, do they all have peanut allergy? What are the chances my little one will have the allergy?

Also, when do you retest with the peanut allergy? My ds had his first reaction at 11 months at daycare. He tested positive for PA via SPT in April 03. Since then, he had one reaction in June 03 and nothing since. Should we have him retested or are we getting our hopes up?


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Posted on: Tue, 09/28/2004 - 2:24am
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Hi Laura -
I'm kind of in the same situation as you. I have a 4 year old with PA, and a 20 month old. The last time we were at the allergist, I asked about the possibility of my younger child also having PA. I was told that while the tendency for being allergic runs in families, the specific allergen would not necessarily be the same from person to person (so I'm keeping my fingers crossed).
I would also be curious to see if anyone knows a percentage chance of siblings being affected.
As far as retesting for the PA goes we were told to come back in 2-3 years.

Posted on: Tue, 09/28/2004 - 2:30am
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I have 2 children - 12 and 3 years. My 12 year-old has no FA. My 3 year old is PA. Neither my brother nor I have FA. My father has FA, but his 4 siblings do not. None of my brothers 4 children have FA either.
Maybe a little more than you wanted to know.

Posted on: Tue, 09/28/2004 - 3:30am
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Hi Laura and welcome to the board. [img][/img]
I have adult onset pa. There are five kids in my family - and three of us have adult onset allergies. One brother to just peanuts. Me, peanuts and sesame seeds. My sister, soy, peanuts, and a whole big list I can't remember. (Somehow this seems very weird to me - none of us had any allergies as kids.)

Posted on: Tue, 09/28/2004 - 11:13pm
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My 2 girls are both peanut allergic.. we found out at the same time when they both ingested it for the first time.
My two sons are ages 4 and 2.5. Neither one has been exposed to peanuts or tree nuts. My oldest boy was just rast tested for everything and was negative to everything. My littlest one is too young to be tested according to Dr. Wood (at Johns Hopkins). He said not to test them until they are close to age 4 for an accurate result. That is, unless they've already had a reaction to the food.

Posted on: Tue, 09/28/2004 - 11:39pm
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My oldest cub has a confirmed diagnosis of PA/Nuts and Lentils.
My youngest cub has an incomplete diagnosis of PA. Wondering if that would also make him an incomplete diagnosis of Nuts.......
Both have EA and Asthma.

Posted on: Wed, 09/29/2004 - 9:35am
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My PA ds is our only child so far so I don't have any input on if siblings have a greater risk of also being PA but when ds was diagnosed our allergist did say to wait at least 2-3 years before having him retested.

Posted on: Wed, 09/29/2004 - 1:48pm
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My DH and I have no FA, but due sometimes have problems with seasonal allergies.
We have 4 children. My 10 yr old DD has no FA. My 9 yr old DS and 7 yr old DS both have a life-threatening PA and TNA. My 4 yr old DD has no FA.

Posted on: Wed, 09/29/2004 - 11:51pm
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I have a daughter and son, ages 11 and 9. Both have been tested and both are allergic to peanuts. We have noone else in our family that is allergic to nuts.

Posted on: Thu, 09/30/2004 - 12:49am
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Mom and Dad - envrimental allergies, asthma
Odest Son- 5 - Peanut, Tree Nuts, lots of environmental allergies, asthma
youngest son- 22 months - lots of environmentl allergies - no asthma yet - and he has not been tested for food allergies - but this week I am starting to suspect milk - we will see the docter tomorrow.

Posted on: Fri, 10/01/2004 - 2:45am
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I have twins, boy and girl , one with and one without a Peanut allergy. If you think about it, they were in the womb together. Although they are frateral I still wonder how gentics plays in allergies. I do know "allergies" such as to dust etc. is gentic. I also have an older son who is NOT allergic to peanuts. Who knows.

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