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Posted on: Sat, 10/30/2004 - 4:11am
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Last night I threw a Peanut-free toddler Halloween party for my 2yr old. I had a friend that helped me. She made sugar cookies and frosting so the kids could decorate cookies as one of the activities. I gave her complete peanut-free instructions and even supplied some of the ingredients.

Here is the thing. When it came down to actually pulling the cookies out for the decorating my anxiety doubled! I put tons of effort into making this a peanut-free party. And I knew my friend (very caring, very trustworthy, grew up with siblings that had food allergies, and has ALWAYS been there to listen and help if I needed her) had followed my instructions.

But, my anxiety STILL kicked in double-time? I didn't want to pull the cookies out of the bag or the frosting out of the fridge because I didn't make them myself, I think?!?!?

I did take a min. to breathe and pulled them out. As I watched my 2yr old eat her cookie with more joy then I could think a sugar cookie could bring my heart leaped with joy that we had made it through our Halloween celebrations without a reaction.

My question to you is......As safe as we try to keep our PA kids (or ourselves, if you are the one with PA) is your anxiety always there no matter how many measures you take to be peanut-free? I mean I knew I had done all the investigating of ingredients. Does anyone else go through this? I ask because it's never-ending for me. And of course the holidays make it worse.

I'm sure that dd not even being on a year of the PA has something to do with it (a year Dec. 5)and the fact that she has had severe contact reactions, but is there anyone out there that's had these feelings? Are they often? If you've been dealing with a PA for awhile have they ever stopped?

Thanks for reading if you got this far! I think I'm just feeling overwhelmed again and really needed to get it off my chest.


Posted on: Sat, 10/30/2004 - 4:44am
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I stayed with my daughter at school yesterday, due to the huge amount of candy that was being given out at a Halloween party. One of the other mother's called ahead, asked what she could make and what would be allright to put in my daughter's bag. This Mom has a nut allergic younger sibling, so she grew up with it. She made sugar cookies from scratch and special treat bags for all of the K5 kids. I thanked her profusely, but still checked the bag. There was a small bag of candy corn with a cute little poem about pumpkin poop. I don't trust candy corn after reading all of the posts on it here. I removed it from her bag. When I got home from school, I found 4 frantic messages on my machine. This Mom had taken the time to call the factory earlier. She had been given the wrong information and the factory had called her back to correct the mistake. She was so scared that my child had already eaten it. I thanked her again for caring and told her that I had already removed the candy corn.
Moral of the story----You should trust other people, but always be aware of your gut instints.

Posted on: Sat, 10/30/2004 - 1:22pm
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Cindy -
I am the same way. Last Thursday my son had his Halloween party at preschool. The teacher had talked to me earlier because she wanted to do some activities involving food, and it was agreed that I would do all the shopping for the varoius food items.
Even though I had personally bought the food, and double checked with the teacher, that yes, they were using the exact food I supplied on that day, I still felt that I was going to throw up for the entire 2 1/2 hours my son was at school.
I'm finding that I go through periods where I'm relaxed, and feel a have a handle on my son allergy, and periods where I'm so nervous and paranoid about everything that I can't trust that anything that my son puts in his mouth is safe.
We're just coming up on a year since diagnosis too, and while things are getting easier overall as time goes by, I'm finding my anxiety coming back every time my son does something new (like starting preschool this fall).

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