Meeting with School

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 2:27am
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I had my meeting with the school yesterday. The principal, asst. principal, director of school services and the RN was in attendance.

First of all I need to clarify that I changed my plan from a pf school to a pf classroom and table. This decision was made by me mostly b/c I wanted to go in there with the most convenient and less threatening request. Not b/c of one particular person on this board, whom I hope refrains from posting in this thread.

The school (especially the RN) felt that these two things were unreasonable. They even thought the water fountain (taken from another plan here) was too much too ask. The plan stated "Child is not to use water fountain. Parent will provide a water bottle, to be used at the teacher's discretion." I told the nurse, that I thought that was one of the least accomadations being asked for. How can that not be controlled, when other students use the water fountain, he is to drink from his bottle.

Anyway, they will be talking with his Dr.'s, then we will reconvene to discuss things further. I brought the letter from his original allergist addressed to his previous peditrician, which stated "on a scale of 0-4 he clearly showed a greater than 4+ reaction to peanut antigen. Patient clearly has pn sensitivity, and this fits into his history that he might have had an anaphylactic reaction." This still wasn't good enough for them, they want his current allergist to say that the pf classroom and table are neccessary accomadations.

First thing this a.m. I contacted my state dept. of education and luckily the woman I talked to has a child with food allergies, and herself has anaphylatic reactions to shellfish! Anyway, before 11 am this a.m. 2 people from the state contacted me and are already in contact w/my school and are going to work w/them to accomadate Cameron, to what degree yet, I'm not sure, they said his safety his priority. I've talked w/his peditrician's nurse, and she said that his Dr. will back me 100%. I'm waiting on a return call from the allergist.

The asst. principal suggested homebound option, which they pay for a instructor to come to our home and teach him. I will concede to this option at a very last resort.
I did not tell them that, I told them I want him in school for the social learning aspect. They said that is definately your right.

Two things I want to add that helped me and hurt my efforts:

#1) The Proposed Management Plan that I took in was the biggest help to me and to them for two reasons, first I let them know that I did know what I was talking about, and 2) it gave details, although preliminary, of what I was wanting. For anyone starting out, this is the best tool you can take with you. Thank you so much for having this posted. I added and deleted things I felt were pertinant to Cameron's needs and my comfort zone, but the outline was wonderful!

#2) They have another PA child that is in attendance at the school...This child has no plan and no epi pen AT ALL. This hurt my efforts terribly, but I told them that every parent has different CZ and that I do not fault that child's parent for her's but I do want a plan for Cameron. Someone stated well her allergy must not be as severe, and the nurse said "well, she put a pb sandwich to her mouth and got very very ill, but we gave her benedryl b/c that is all she requires. Made me cringe that they all knew she was allergic and was still able to put her hands on a PB sandwich. The child thankful knew what she had done and she is the one who ran to the nurses office and alerted her to what happened. That scares the living day lights out of me.

The state is really on the ball with this, I have already spoken to them several times this morning and 3 of the calls were made by them, and just recieved another call from the Director of Health Services at the state and she has talked with someone that wasn't in the meeting yest. but is suppose to get back w/her once she has been updated. She suggested I go ahead a write a letter to the superentendant and request a 504 for Cameron.

I feel optimistic, yesterday I was so emotionally drained and let down. I didn't feel comfortable posting this info until today, b/c of the previous thread that went bad. Hopefully this one will not go in the same direction.

Lana [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 3:19am
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I'm glad that you had your meeting, and that things didn't get downright ugly. I think it's great that the state is behind you and helping out.
As for going in with the "most convenient/least threatening" approach, that's what we went with - but with the full understanding of everyone involved that things might have to be changed if DS starts reacting to these 'compromises'. Have you left that door open for yourself?
I have to say that, once again, I'm amazed at the reactions of some schools. I guess it all comes down to the compassion of the individuals who 'run' the schools.
We are very fortunate, to put it mildly. We weren't questioned on anything, and the school is meeting and surpassing all our requests and hopes.
Hang in there - you're doing GREAT! I hope things get better soon. [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 3:38am
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Cam's Mom
HiCould I please get the contact #'s and names of the states persons you spoke to?
Has it may help Little V.
I will keep my fingers crossed and my heart goes out to you.Be strong.
I also am reguesting a PNand TN room for DD.
May be we can change thing here in FLa for all the PA/TNA childern.
Love this site

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 3:56am
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lana: i know this is just a detail...but i was wondering why they have a problem with you supplying a water bottle. please don't tell me it's because they "don't want the other kids to feel left out." water is water. i don't see what the big deal is with your child being allowed to drink his water from a different container than the others. it's not like you asked them to install a separate water fountain with your son's name on it or anything. [img][/img] maybe it's because they don't want to have to deal with keeping up with it during drink time?? i don't get it. might remind them that if they had agreed to going peanut-free in the first place you might have been able to skip that detail. (or would you? ) i would think the water fountain would certainly be less risky if the kids were NOT consuming peanut butter at school (or other peanut-ty items) joey

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 4:11am
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Cam's Mom,
Well, that first meeting is over with, anyway! You must be very glad about that.
I must say that initially I had to shake my head about the RN thinking that your proposal was too much... (and the ass't principal proposing the 'homebound' option seemed particularly horrifying to me!) but then it occurred to me that my kid's school really did a turn around about PA issues when a child 2 years ahead of my PA kid had a moderately severe reaction (exact cause unknown because he has multiple allergies) on the bus coming home from a field trip. It happened right near the school, so the bus just radioed ahead & there was an ambulance waiting when they got there. The principal had to ride in the ambulance w/ this kid & she changed her tune about PA after that. (Probably the mounds of paperwork she had to do on the incident -- I am guessing on that, but it seems likely -- had something to do w/ her change of heart too!) So you are probably completely right, that your school's experience w/ the other PA child has set their expectations about the severity of PA & how it "should" be handled. Maybe pressure from the state will serve as the catalyst for change & your administration will not have to wait for a serious reaction to see the light.
Anyway, congratulations for having done all your homework on this... your child will certainly be better off at school for all your hard work.

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 5:11am
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Thanks for the input on leaving the door open, I hadn't even thought of that, but will definately make sure that there will be an open door. And yes, I'm also amazed at peoples reactions, in this case, especially the RN's.
I'll email you the person you need to contact, if your email isn't in your profile, email me at [email][/email] and then I'll email you back w/the info. She is absolutely wonderful, and extremely helpful.
Joey, I have no idea what was so difficult about the water issue, she made the statement, while looking at my plan, "some of these things are just not going to be able to be done" I said "which things do you have a concern about?" She said "well, like the water fountain" I said "I think that issue is self explanatory, how is it going to be difficult for anyone, when the other children go to the fountain, he gets a drink from his bottle, the teacher should keep it, and only get a drink when everyone else is allowed." She didn't say anything else.
Anne, Thanks! And yes I'm glad it's over, it was nerve wrecking to say the least. Especially while waiting in the front office a staff member was walking around eating a snicker bar...My heart just sunk! That really put my shield up, and made me even more nervous.
Lana [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 6:02am
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Cams mom
Thanks very much for the E-Mail
I will give her a call fri.
Keep in touch.
Feel free to E-mail me any time
Stay strong.
Love this site

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 6:26am
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Lana, I'm really sorry to hear how things went with the school. I think you are asking for very little and it is quite disturbing that even the RN is not supportive. I'm very glad to hear, however, that you are working with the state and they are being helpful. Good luck! Miriam

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 6:33am
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Congratulations on your success with your meeting!
It's awful that the other PA child's parents are so irresponsible, and it does thwart you in your attempts. But it still sounds like you handled it really well so I'm sure they'll take you seriously.
About the water bottle---last year a boy in my son's class, (not PA) used to carry a water bottle around his waiste, (he was a constant drinker.) I asked him where he got this bottle and he said at the Boy Scout store.
Whewww! Another hurdle jumped---pour yourself a warm bath Lana.

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 11:51am
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No problem w/the contact info, please keep me posted as to what Diane tells you, feel free to email me or if you prefer you can just post it.
Miriam and River, thank you for the replys and it is a shame that another PA child is without a epi-pen, that is truly scary, maybe after he starts school, if everything goes good, maybe it'll make her more aware, I'm hoping anyway (for the girls sake). I hope the same situation doesn't happen like Anne posted before they will take things seriously and understand.
And River, I've opened me a nice cool wine cooler (first alcohol I've drank in 5 yrs, ought to be interesting, huh? [img][/img] ) But I felt like I could sure use a good relaxing night!
Hopefully I can contribute back to this board what it has given me.
Lana [img][/img]

Posted on: Sat, 02/08/2003 - 10:04am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Simply re-raising so I can read later (otherwise, my mind will go blank [img][/img] )
Best wishes! [img][/img]



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