Contact Reaction?

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 1:53am
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Hi, my 19 month old son is PA. He had an anaphylactic reaction at around 12 mos after eating a pb sandwich cracker at daycare. Yesterday morning I noticed a large oval welt on his shin. It's about 2 inches by 1 inch. I thought it was an abbrasion. But, it looked worse in the evening. It's red, and his leg underneath is swollen & hard. There are some raised bumps on the red area as well. My ped said to give oral Benadryl, which I did last night. I thought it was a little better this morning but his daycare teacher thought it looked worse. I put hydrocortisone cream on it this morning. My question is, could this be some kind of contact reaction? If so, do contact reactions last this long?

It's so scary w/ him being in daycare (at least the good thing is that it's in my office bldg). He's also allergic to soy & he has an allergic diaper rash that flares up from time to time (I can't figure out the cause).

Thanks in advance!


Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 3:33am
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I would take him to the doctor. That doesn't sound like hives to me. It could be some kind of bacterial or viral rash or something like that. My children had all kinds of weird skin infections when they were little, especially my PA son--eczema seemed to make him more vulnerable to that sort of thing. Especially if your child is around lots of other children, there are so many contagious skin diseases and the doctor will probably know right away what it is. Good luck.

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 3:45am
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Francine7, welcome! [img][/img]
I agree with Sandra Y. It is SO difficult to tell what rash/hive like things are from. I would take your little one to the doctor and see if they can figure out what it is.
Of course it *could* be a contact reaction, but as Sandra Y. pointed out, there are so many other things that it could be as well.
I think, as parents of PA children, the first thing that will always pop into our minds, which is okay, is that it is a PA reaction.
But again, there are so many other things out there that it could be as well. I would have him checked.
Please let us know what happens.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 12:04pm
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One of my daughters, age 18 months, picked up impetigo...a bacterial skin infection at her day care provider. It looks somewhat similar to what you are describing.
My husband had seen it before...otherwise I wouldn't have known what it was.
This is usually transferred during diaper changes from one kid to the next.
Also, my kids had lots of problems with boils and my sister had carbunckles (not sure how to spell) a lot when she was younger.
If it is is very contagious...towels should be changed daily and washed in hot water...sheets washed in hot water...the sore should be covered...hands washed very well etc. etc. etc. etc.

Posted on: Thu, 02/13/2003 - 12:27am
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Thanks so much for all your feedback. I did take him to the Ped & she said it looks like a skin infection. She didn't say impetago or anything specific. She thought it could have been caused by a bug bite or scratch. It's still weird to me how suddenly it appeared.
Thanks again! - Fran

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