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Posted on: Fri, 05/09/2003 - 1:24pm
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What about giving out a doctors ER report with the picture? I so want to do this for my inlaws. It won't work so why waste my time? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]
What is the pa question and answer book? I should know but it's after 10 and my brain isn't working right. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

Posted on: Fri, 05/09/2003 - 10:43pm
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Last Mother's Day was spent at the inlaws. We arrived to my MIL rambling about the wonderful pavalova she had made just for me.
The heckles on my back went up instantly. Firstly my son has a very severe allergy to eggs and nuts(amongst other things), peanuts and meringue(due to the dust particles and being pure eggwhite) are number one and two on his A list of what to avoid.
She then pulled back a cloth exposing the toddler height sweets table laden with the pavalova covered with cream and chopped nuts, hazelnut & almond slice, egg sponges, and coconut truffles. I kept saying to myself , "Take deep breathes Jenni, it's Mother's Day." Red alert, red alert,red alert
just kept going round & round in my mind.
I kept Jedd outside, and was mortified to see my BIL about to give him a mouthful of pavalova. I screamed, and here is our dialogue;
"Poor kid, gets nothing"
"Poor kid! You'll see poor kid if he eats that!"
"You're overreacting!"
"It's Mother's Day! I don't want to spend it in ER. Would you like me to put a bowl of razor blades on the dessert table?"
"No, the kids will get them."
"And what, hurt themselves? Just like every $#%$%%^% thing already there is potentially life threatening for my son? Do you get it now?
We left straight away , and I received a phone call that night from BIL and MIL.
I know that whilst they are sorry, they still think that I am neurotic. Needless to say, it's been a year, it's Mother's Day tommorrow and I am spending it at home with my two beautiful kids.
Don't put your kids at risk. It's a Mother's right to protect their children, and sometimes that includes family.
Happy Mother's Day to all

Posted on: Sat, 05/17/2003 - 12:33pm
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hi all
these sotories remind me of my inlaws.
one year it wa easter and my sons bday. my sil had a severe allergic reaction(to working out, her own sweat) so she could not come. my mil brought over easter gifts from her to the kids. My sons gift was a glass egg filled with peanut chews!!!!!!!! hello? anybody home? i tossed the whole thing.Later that evening I called sil on the phone, she told me that she was sorry that she could not come to the party but no one understands how severe allergies are!!!!!!!!!I wnet nuts! pardon the pun, I said excuse me, understand> you gave my son who is severly allergic to peanuts, peanut chews! her answer, well thats what i got all my nieces and nephews! , i said all of them are not allergic he could have died if mil gave the gift to him first. she was annoyed that i was annoyed! A question how severe could her allergy be if the dr gave her zertec and sent her home? oh it makes my blood boil.
or the time my mil wanted to brush off the walnuts on a brownie and give it to tna son.

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2003 - 4:45am
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Great point about 'putting razor blades out on the table for the kids'. I'll have to remember that one. Non-PA parents might be able to relate to that.
I think that a lot of people that don't 'get it' just don't realize that it is life threatening. I'm a month new to this an in explaining it to people I find that most think of allergies as just a tummy ache and don't know that people can die from a miniscule amount of it.

Posted on: Sat, 08/30/2003 - 3:40pm
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Quote:Originally posted by Peg541:
[b]Somehow you gotta wonder about an adult who would eat a candy bar in front of young children, allergies or not.
Was he prepared to share with them? Did he ask permission?
Why couldn't he just wait to eat the candy bar when the kids were gone.
Don't try to understand a fool. Keep the kids away from them, family or not. When I look back on my history with my mother, I wish I had stopped trying. She was never going to change. I should have taken myself away from her years ago!
Family is not family if they are harmful to you or your children. Get rid of the bum.
I can so appreciate this one. my mother used to watch my PA and Dairy Allergic son while I worked until she was caught eating peanuts & dairy containing products infront of him IN MY HOME!!. My older son warned her that she cannot eat these things in front of my younger son who has the allergies especially in my home. PS. I never let my mother babysit my son after that ever again. I don't know what these people think when they do these types of things, but the perfect question to ask them is "Would you give the child a loaded gun to play with?" Make them understand that these foods pose just the same risk to the severely allergic child.

Posted on: Sun, 09/21/2003 - 12:20pm
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Your family sounds just like mine. People who don't live with the allergy do not get how serious a life threatening allergy is. My in-laws and brother-in-law do not get the "peanut, tree nuts and sesame seed allergy" my son has. My daughter also is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.
In the past, they have come over with rice pilaf that contained peanut oil or giving my child a bite of a Kit Kat (that contains "processed on the same line" warning). I was told by my borther-in-law that my 6 year old son said it was ok for him to eat the candy because he had eaten one before and he knew there were no peanuts in the candy bar. I finally had to scream at these family members and tell them stories of people having reactions. After losing it on my family, with out my husbands support, I was told they didn't realize how dangerous the allergy was. Even though I have been telling them that nuts and seeds will kill my children for 3 years.
I know they would never do anything to harm my children but there is still the nagging voice in the back of my head that says, "Don't let your guard down, you can't trust them".
They did apoligize after, but I am always still on edge if they go over their house and I'm not there. Not being able to 100% trust your family makes it hard.
The more we educate them the more information they take in. Eventually, they might get it and by then our children will be old enough to fend for themselves.


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