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Posted on: Wed, 05/28/2003 - 11:35pm
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Quote:Originally posted by fuzzyfurball:
[b]I guess I never had to "get it" b/c any reaction I had scared me. Most of my more recent reactions have been from accidental exposure or from dumb people who don't get how serious it is for me.
Now I understand. I never thought about all the reactions over time. I was thinking that if a reaction happened at 2 years old you wouldn't remember it, so how do you make it through the rebellious teens. But, even if you don't have ana. reactions all the time, there are the [i]hopefully[/i] minor reactions.

Posted on: Mon, 06/23/2003 - 2:48pm
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I became severely allergic to pollen at about 27 yo. Began to react to apples and peaches, and found out I had Oral Allergy Syndrome. I noticed that nuts and peanuts were on the list of possible reactive foods, and thanked my lucky stars I didn't react to them.
2 years later, my mouth began to tingle when eating almond candy. A few months after that was eating fresh shelled hazelnuts and my throat began to swell. Was tested and am allergic to walnut, hazelnut, and almond. Stopped eating them-continued to eat pb-every day.
Then began to react to pb, but mostly gastro intestinal. Argued with doc about it, who TOLD me to try eating plain peanuts. Stupidly, I did and my sinuses swelled right up. Had it gotten any worse I would've used my epi. Haven't eaten any nuts of any kind since.

Posted on: Wed, 08/27/2003 - 11:07am
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Anna Marie'
I am so sorry for the delay in my answer I was taking some on line courses for work and they just ended.. My oldest child was just 2 and then the baby was just that a baby 4 months. I was lucky to have a friend on the fire department who herd the 911 call and called his fiance to watch my children while my husband went to the hospital with me. I have watched my children like a hawk, my oldest is six now and has never had a peanut she will even ask if there are nuts in something if her teacher gives it to her. If there are she will tell the person no thank you my mommy could get very sick if I have that. My little one goes to a nice preschool that has a peanut free class and they put her in it just for me.The school has 2 rooms per age group and the 4 year old class this year is peanut free as was her three year class last year. There are 3 other PA kids in the class and they treat my daughter the same it is a blessing.
I am sorry to hear that your daughter has developed such a dangerous allergy. How does she handel having to go to the dentist or Dr. She has to be so careful OH-MY Latex is like peanuts it is every where you don't expect.
Again Anna Marie sorry about the very delayed responce and I look forward to talking to you soon I am playing catch up on the boards looking at what I missed over the last month or two.

Posted on: Wed, 08/27/2003 - 11:10am
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OH-MY Anna Marie please forgive the error stated above I typed daughter I am so sorry I am so used to my two being girls I goofed....

Posted on: Mon, 09/01/2003 - 4:09am
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My son (so far) doesn't have severe reactions to latex. His work supplies him with alternative gloves (they cost more, so other employees are still supplied latex gloves).
As for doctors and dentists, he wouldn't tell the dentist about his allergy (he said it was his problem not the dentists). Needless to say, I got furious. I contacted the dentist and informed them of his allergy - so it's now in his chart. Our regular dentist and some of the hygenists have latex allergy, and usually that's who was doing his cleaning, so they didn't use latex anyway, but, he's just soooo stubborn.
I did get him a new medic-alert with the latex allergy added, so at least if they read it they'll know.

Posted on: Thu, 01/08/2004 - 1:16pm
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Hey Anne Marie.
Interesting to see you here. I'm actually starting to recognize people's names in this place.
I just joined the PA team a few days ago, and I'm now catching up with the "Adults with PA" board.
Anyway, depending on how you look at it I "got" it either about four weeks ago, or this past Monday.
I was never a big peanut eater. Always hated peanut butter. Love chocolate but avoided the ones with peanuts or coconuts. And quite frankly, when I first moved to the USA and saw someone eating a PB&J sandwich, I wasn't sure if I should throw up, or just dope-slap the guy while asking "what the hell are you doing?"
Last year, I was unofficially living with my girlfriend (hereby referred to as "Claudia" [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]), while keeping my own little "bachelor heaven" which I would only visit once a month to pay the rent, and to play the role of "single dude living in his own domain" for a day or two. Anyway, during that period, while playing the role of single dude, on two occasions I just rented an excessive amount of crappy sci-fi movies, got a few beers, disassembled a bicycle or two just to play with my tools, polished some of my swords, opened a few bags of peanuts, and had a ball. Till the next day that is. In both occasions I woke up during the night feeling violently ill. I'm still not sure if I should blame the peanuts, the beer, or the movies I rented. At least none of them had Pamela Lee in them. And if anyone ever accuses me of watching Bikini Carwash, I'll plead innocent until proven guilty!
Since then, I continued eating peanuts occasionally, without any noticeable side effects. And since my old bachelor heaven, Claudia's old place, and our new place together are all in some of the best restaurant areas in NYC, I've had plenty of meals in peanut-rich environments. Every time I go to my favorite Malaysian restaurant, I always order the Malaysian peanut pancake for desert. And some of the Thai restaurants nearby are just amazing.
About a month ago, December 10th or so, while trying to save some money for rent by cooking at home a little more often, I decided to prepare some chicken saut

Posted on: Fri, 01/09/2004 - 2:03pm
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Quote:Originally posted by Joao:
[b]Hey Anne Marie.
Interesting to see you here. [/b]
[i]She's everywhere, she's everywhere[/i] [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]
You've made it all the way to *Adults*. I assume we'll be seeing you in OT soon? Be sure to bring your sense of humour. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

Posted on: Mon, 01/10/2005 - 10:38pm
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I think I've just "Gotten it" as of the yesterday at the age of 24. I haven't had peanut butter since I abused the stuff when I was in grammar school and no longer really find it tasty. But on Sunday the 9th of January I didn't feel like cooking lunch and threw together a couple of pbj sandwiches. I began feeling very tired and a little ill but chalked it up to lack of sleep. After laying down for a short while the fun began. I spent the rest of the day vomiting and blaming all the other symptoms on that. I was flushed, seemed to have a rash on my torso, dizzy, headache,shortness of breath, etc. These seemed to me to be the same basic sympoms of a stomach bug, even including the rash because my skin is very sensitive and breaks out in hives when I'm stressed. After spending the day trying to get someone to put me out of my misery (I'm a real baby when it comes to vomiting) I finally was able to keep something down. The following day I was still very listless, dizzy, foggy-headed, headachy,etc. But the hives were still present which was unusual. Then my left eyelids began to swell to twice their normal size and I began to think. I hadn't had anything to eat but peanut butter, which I haven't eaten for many years, jam which I eat a couple times a week, and water. I decided to try an at home test of the peanut butter and applied some to my forearm. It felt tingly and kind of burned. When I wiped off the butter there was a large welt followed by a few small ones around it. I still have to see my doctor but I'm fairly certain that I'm allergic, and it would really explain why I have chronic stomach pain and bouts of vomiting for "no reason." I eat almost all peanut products excluding peanut butter on a regular basis in small doses. Excluding this one time where I ate a lot of peanut butter at one time. I'm ready to deal with the allergy though it will take some getting used to, I just kinda wish I actually liked peanut butter so that the reaction would have been kinda worth it.

Posted on: Mon, 01/10/2005 - 11:59pm
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Quote:Originally posted by SteffiG:
[b] I just kinda wish I actually liked peanut butter so that the reaction would have been kinda worth it.[/b]
You went through all that - and your sense of humour is still intact. That is such a good sign. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]
Have you booked an appointment with your doctor yet? Don't delay.
It does sound a lot like an allergy. You might want to pick up some over the counter antihistamine to have on hand, just in case.
When you see the doctor, you should also talk to him/her about an epi-pen. I carry two for myself (peanut and sesame allergy) and my son carries one for himself and has one at the school office (insect venom allergy).
My son has never had a life-threatening reaction, but since it is common with his allergy (like peanut) the doctor and I feel it's better to be prepared.
Welcome to the board. Look around, there's lots of information. Post questions if you can't find what you're looking for.

Posted on: Mon, 02/14/2005 - 9:12am
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When I was a kid, peanut butter and peanuts made me feel "funny". In our house, if you didn't eat what was served, you went without. I was always extremely skinny and would throw up if I got too hungry, ie skipped a meal. But, I knew that the toast and peanut butter were not for me. (Mama used the same knife in the peanut butter as the jelly and contaminated it. When she made toast, she used the same knife in the butter as the jelly, thereby contaminating the butter, too. It was hopeless, ya know?) I would go sit on my bed until mealtime was over rather than eat. When I was 6, a teacher made me eat a peanut butter cookie. The entire cookie! I almost died. I barely remember the ambulance taking me to the hospital. It scared me to death. After that, there was no way of not getting it. To this day, I still can't eat toast with grape jelly - I know it's silly, but... what can I say?


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