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Posted on: Thu, 10/23/2003 - 5:12am
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Hi everyone!

Didn't know what was going on as I have a mac, but at work I can use IE.

Anyway, I missed you all! Anyone feel good about Baja Fresh? I was told this summer when I called that they use no peanuts or tree nuts, but their suppliers did.

I emailed back a few days ago, and got the most wonderful, comprehensive reply I have ever received. It stated that they use no peanuts or tree nuts, and then proceeded to list common allergens (including food additives and preservatives) and the foods that have these substances in them. Anyone else had this experience?


Posted on: Thu, 10/23/2003 - 6:52am
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A.J. gets the kids quesa"dita" all the time. Everytime we go they have been very helpful and we have always been told it is safe.

Posted on: Thu, 10/23/2003 - 8:33am
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I just got the same e-mail back. I'm pretty comfortable with letting Jason eat there. We always order the chicken nachos for him.
Cheryl, mom to Jason (6 PA/TA/other FAs and EAs),Joey (4 NKA) and Allison (11/02 dairy sensitive)

Posted on: Mon, 11/03/2003 - 9:43am
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One just opened here, and I tried it today. I got the Bare Burrito and thought it was pretty good.
I've emailed them also; I'm eager to see if we all get the same response. I'd love to bring Kevin there as we could really use a change of pace.

Posted on: Mon, 11/03/2003 - 1:24pm
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We took DD and she loved it!
I will be interested to know the response you got.

Posted on: Thu, 12/23/2004 - 3:07am
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They were very nice when I called, and the food is great... HOWEVER.
You should be aware that when I asked the restaurant manager if I might look at the ingredients list for their marinade I was told "No- the information is PROPRIETARY..." didn't make a big deal about this, just figured I would call corporate and tell them about this so they knew. When I did (ten minutes ago) they informed me that this is, in fact, proprietary information. I as also at one point told that they (at corporate, presumably) don't even have the information I wanted. I read the woman the riot act about this- telling her that I do not expect the person standing behind the counter to either have many years experience scanning ingredient lists OR a degree in chemistry, but that since I have BOTH I thought that perhaps I should be the one reading the label. [img][/img] Since I know what I am looking for and all. And since every other franchise food joint has ALWAYS been willing to let me do this.
She said she would pass it on- and now so have I.
Please call them or e-mail them and tell them this policy pretty much sucks. They may very well BE safe for pa and tna, but this policy makes it impossible to know. They are owned by Wendy's, so I know that we could probably get this changed. They can use lawyer-ese with me all they like (I was also told that they cannot offer any guarantees with such a small kitchen, blah blah blah... *sigh*)
Anyway, what made me so sad was that they were so willing to give up my business over me simply reading labels and making my own decisions.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell them what you think about this policy of theirs.
PS- I wasn't really concerned by pn/tn since I could see that none of the menu items had much liklihood of containing these, but was worried about egg instead- which is a HUGE concern for us in restaurants since it is a common emulsifier and goes by so many different names.

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