What desserts do you make for Thanksgiving?

Posted on: Wed, 11/19/2003 - 2:26pm
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This is a very rare occurance that the in-laws come over for a holiday since my son was diagnosed with PA and I am confused about what to make for dessert. Since it needs to be homemade I am at a loss , never getting the hang of pie making I would love any suggestions and recipes to help me out..thanks for your help... Kathy Ann

Posted on: Wed, 11/19/2003 - 9:10pm
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I am not a regular pie-shell lover, however, I do have a recipe for a pie shell that can be made easily in the food processor. If you want, I can post it.
Most of the time I just use homemade graham shells. In the food processor, combine 7 1/2 (those large ones with score marks for 4 individual pieces) graham crackers, about 1/3 cup butter, and 1/4 cup sugar. Process until crumbly and moist. Press into a pie pan and up the sides.
I make about 7 or 8 pies every year so I double the recipe in the processor and make two at a time using foil pie pans (***this way I can prepare the shells ahead of time and stack them in the fridge). Prepare one shell in a foil pan, put a wax paper square over it, do the next shell in pan, put the wax square over it, stack over first, etc.
On pie-making day, I just pull out my shells and fill. You can do this with the pastry shell recipe, of course, too. But I find graham shells are much tastier.
Our staple pies every year are 2 blueberry, and 2 pumpkin. This year one of those pumpkins will be a cream cheese and pumpkin pie. Then I'll make an apple and chocolate cream one. Haven't decided what to do with the extra shells yet. Also will make pumpkin mousse as a sugar-free dessert for my dad. Usually there is a pumpkin cheesecake roll for dessert, but not this year.
Everybody loves my blueberry pie, if you are interested I will post that recipe. The pumpkin is a standard recipe on the back of the can, and the pumpkin cheesecake is a fairly standard one from Ladies Home Journal. The chocolate cream is on the back of the Dream Whip box, and the apple? Well I'm just trying a new recipe this year so if anyone has one of those "tried and true" ones, please post. The one I'm using is from a King Arthur catalog that I cut out.
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Posted on: Thu, 11/20/2003 - 9:29am
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I just found out what I'm doing with my extra shell(s). My mom was with my sister at a funeral this weekend. My sister called to check on her family and my mom ended up speaking to her oldest grandson (now a teenager). He said, "Grandma, the only reason I really want to come up for Thanksgiving is to eat Aunt X's blueberry pie!"
Guess I'll have to make my nephews an extra pie to take home.

Posted on: Thu, 11/20/2003 - 5:16pm
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Sugar cookies, Double LayerPumpkin Pie with graham cracker crust, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Apple Crisp. I have recipes if you like. Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2003 - 3:36am
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I think this year I will have pumpkin or squash pie(basically the same), cherry cheesecake(a personal craving, LOL), and I may make sugar cookies for dd, if I have the energy. Turkey shaped, of course.
There is only 5 adults and her, so it will be alot of sweets, but seems to be good to have choices on Thanksgiving. Hopefully we can send dome home with my Dad and aunts. becca

Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2003 - 4:42am
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The libbys pumpkin pie recipe (back of the can) is really really easy. You can whip this up in less than 10 min and bake for approx 50 min.
I usually make a few of these along with a carrot cake, that is a little more complex than what I think you are looking for.

Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2003 - 4:45am
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Ryan's mom--I am interested in seeing your blueberry pie recipe. I have a few lbs of frozen blueberrys from this summer that I would like to try out.
I am also on the lookout for a blueberry crumble/cobbler recipe with a crumb like topping. I made this once, hubby loved it, and I lost the recipe.

Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2003 - 4:49am
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I have basically taken over the responsibilty for baking at our family functions, bc this is ususally the one item/course that concerns me the most.
Most of my family would bring in bakery items in the past, but this usually meant that my son could not eat it. And being only 29 months, he doesn't understand why yet.
I like to over bake too, to provide choices, as well as my son likes to help me bake, so its our little bonding time when we do.

Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2003 - 5:22am
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Oops! I did not provide recipies!
I too use the recipe on the back of whatever can of pumpkin or squash I buy(the libby's recipe is almost the same as the One Pie squash recipe, but the One Pie *pumpkin* recipe is a bit different than the Libby's pumpkin and the one pie brand squash recipies). The One Pie *pumpkin recipe* is darker with some molasses and brown sugar. All are easy, but I think I like the milder, lighter recipe version.
I also just tried it egg-free, by putting 1/4 cup corn starch in instead of 2 eggs. I will post it on its own if it came out good enough for those with egg allergy as well. Dd's class was making it Monday, so I want to send a piece safe for her, if they do eat it.
I use the cheesecake recipe off the Philadelphia Brand box(but not sure what kind you use). Then I will just put canned cherries on top(just having this pregnant craving for a chilled cherry filling atop a cheesecake, LOL). But I have some strawbwrries in the freezer, so I could leave the toppings on the side.
Wilton sugar cookie recipe(I use egg replacer though) and it is the *best* sugar cookie I have ever made, with or without eggs. You can find it on their website or any cookie cutter packaging that they have. becca
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Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2003 - 10:41am
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I, too, over do it with desserts on holidays. My family has so many individual tastes, I try to include something for every one. Among our favorites are key lime pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pizzelle cookies, choc. cake or boston creme pie, and sometimes choc. chip cookies if I have time. Also, my brother always brings a cheese cake from Trader Joe's, but I don't let my PA daughter eat it. My daughters and I love to bake so I have lots of help. Happy THanksgiving!

Posted on: Fri, 11/21/2003 - 1:05pm
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I got a new recipe for a chocolate tart that looks delicious, and Im making a cheesecake. Im debating about that new Ultimate Turtle Cheesecake. It looks soooo good but Im worried about the pecans. MY ds never had a problem, Ive made pecan pie before, but im not sure Ill do it. If not I also have a good brownie cheesecake recipe. And a sweet potato pie.


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