Ryan\'s 504--please review or comment.

Posted on: Mon, 03/25/2002 - 12:36am
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Below is a preliminary 504 for Ryan which I am using tomorrow at his Kindergarten registration meeting. This is my rough draft to present to the principal, nurse, and 504 coordinator (whoever that may be...I've written, called, and am still waiting to find out who that lucky person is!) Please bear in mind I haven't scrutinized it for typos or anything and will be looking over other 504's today to see if I left out anything that should be in there so I can print a decent copy tonight for my meeting tomorrow.

Please comment and nitpick as needed to improve any areas that may need it. Also, thank you everyone for your input. You may see some parts of your own 504's in mine. I am very grateful to all of you who helped me do this.

Section 504 Plan for Ryan X. X.

A plan has been developed under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to assist Ryan in the Kindergarten program and addresses the identified issue of his life-threatening allergy to peanuts.

Communication is an important element in any plan.

1. Teachers and support staff (aides, lunch monitors, bus drivers, substitute teachers) will meet individually or in small groups to review Ryan

Posted on: Mon, 03/25/2002 - 12:52pm
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Ryans Mom,
I would request that the school nurse provide inservice to "ALL" of the teachers on the proper way to give the epi-pen if necessary.
I would also request that Ryan use the Nurses bathroom or teachers bathroom. So that there isn't as many hands using this bathroom as the boys bathroom.
Last but not least, I would try to see if they could provide Ryan a keyboard and mouse that only he uses. Other than those three things I would say that I like your 504 plan.
Best wishes,
Renee [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Mon, 03/25/2002 - 10:19pm
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Thanks for the tips. In our school, each kindergarten classroom has its own bathroom so if his class is peanut free, then this shouldn't be a problem for kindergarten. However, this is a good idea for first grade on up.
I will make the change to include all teachers on epipen training. That just seems more effective too. It can be done in a faculty meeting and is easier than scheduling a meeting here and there. Also, your suggestion on the keyboard and mouse is more practical also.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Posted on: Tue, 03/26/2002 - 9:14am
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The 504 plan is great...some suggestions...
Additional accommodations:
*Ryan will wash his hands for 30 seconds (supervised) before he eats at school. ---This will get off any allergens that may be on his hands.
*Ryan will not use the public school drinking fountains. Instead, he will be provided a water bottle in the nurse's office. (I worked in a school and had my lip swell up after using the drinking fountain. I am PN.)
*No peanut treats, peanut butter sandwiches, candies etc. in the teacher's lounge. (This goes on all the time and the allergens end up all over the school.)
*Ryan will only use his own scissors, colors, pencils, etc. and they will be clearly labeled. He should not put these in his mouth.
By the way, when my daughter was in sixth grade. She made a comment that she was allergic to fish. So, another student thought it was funny and put a piece of fish from his plate on her food. Luckily she was smart enough not to eat anything else on her plate. I called the principal and she was in shock...so watch out for this one.

Posted on: Tue, 03/26/2002 - 11:26pm
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Thanks for the suggestions.
The water bottle issue is tucked away in the Student Responsibilities section, and his handwashing before snack was covered in the Summary Guidelines. I feel very comfortable with Ryan washing his own hands unmonitored because we are big on handwashing in our household because of PA. I have confidence in my son's abilities to do a good job, however, not in other children who don't have to worry about these things. I did stated in the 504 I wanted monitored handwashing for all students at "appropriate" times (to be discussed when plan is being implemented). My girls already see about 50% of students not washing their hands after using the bathroom (and teachers too) and the other 50% that do, about 30% don't use soap. I witness this too, when we go to restaurants, Sunday School bathrooms, etc. Yuck! This area, however, will need to be micromanaged when his teacher is assigned to him in June so we can work out the details of his 504.
Also, after keying in some of Renee's suggestions, I thought of the crayons, scissors, etc., as an afterthought and put it in my plan before presenting it to the principal. So that area has been covered as well. At least on paper that is.
The issue of food in the faculty lounge is, in fact, an issue of course. When I was teaching, there always seemed to be some type of fundraiser with candy bars, cookies, cake or whatnot in there. Teachers go out and touch doorknobs, papers, hand out snacks, etc. So this area will also have to be micromanaged when the details of his 504 are implemented. You know, a couple of years ago, I was talking about PA with my daughter's teacher and she was said, "Wow! You know I was just correcting papers and eating a Reese's PB cup while doing so." That is one of my worries right there--people thinking about consumption problems only and not cross-contamination through touch or smell.
I'm glad you reminded me of this. Just another one of those things to jot down on the draft.

Posted on: Wed, 03/27/2002 - 9:15am
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ryan's mom,
Sounds very good to me - quite thorough!
I'm going to cross-reference my outline with yours to see if I missed anything! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
Take care,

Posted on: Wed, 04/03/2002 - 10:34pm
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Hi Ryan

Posted on: Thu, 04/04/2002 - 12:18am
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Thanks for your reply. My husband and I have discussed field trips, and one of us will be going with him on every field trip, so administration and availability of medicine will not be a problem. My cell phone is always with me, too, but I'm getting an extra battery because it always dies at inopportune times. Since my daughters have already gone through the system, most of the field trip destinations I'm already familiar with, but not all, of course, and they do change. The bus ride, where and when they eat, handwashing, etc., are all things that we're going to have to work on. I keep learning on what to look for everytime I go on a field trip. Below is an excerpt from a letter I sent to our principal last year.
"... In addition, I would like to keep you informed of any information that can be disseminated to teachers to help them keep food-allergic children safe in school and on field trips. What prompted this idea was the recent, tragic death of a Spokane, Washington, third-grade peanut-allergic student on a field trip. The enclosed articles are for your review. Recently I had the privilege of going on field trips to Kettle Creek and Lost River Caverns. I enjoyed the experiences but would like to relate some concerns with you that could be helpful to teachers and parents of peanut-allergic students attending these field trips.
Page 2
The field trip to Kettle Creek involves an outdoor nature walk. This was quite an enjoyable experience for the children, however, it involved examining things found on the trail. Unfortunately, many people feed squirrels peanuts, and since Kettle Creek is surrounded by residential areas, peanuts shells can be carried and scattered by squirrels in forested areas. Peanut-allergic students must be extra careful about what they pick up and should wash their hands when returning to the classroom at the environmental center or before boarding the bus.
During the Lost River Caverns trip, students were given the option of a scavenger hunt or hand painting. Mrs. X

Posted on: Wed, 07/10/2002 - 12:49am
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Reraising for Rosa. This is a work in progress. The administrators and I have already omitted items which do not pertain to the curriculum and have fine-tuned the 504. We will sign the final, finished document in mid-August at our last "big" meeting prior to the commencement of the school year. I expect more fine-tuning as we go through the year. I will post the "approved by everyone" copy in August.

Posted on: Sat, 10/19/2002 - 9:56am
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Reraising for MommaBear. This is our final, approved 504 for Kindergarten.
Section 504 Plan for Ryan X. X
A plan has been developed under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to assist Ryan in the Kindergarten program and addresses the identified issue of his life-threatening allergy to peanuts.
Communication is an important element in any plan.
1. Teachers and support staff (aides, lunch monitors, bus drivers, substitute teachers, and recess monitors) will meet individually or in small groups to review Ryan

Posted on: Sat, 01/25/2003 - 4:54am
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Reraising for twinsmom.


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