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Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 2:12am
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You may think I'm a crazy epi-holder shopper, but our needs have changed overtime, so I've done alot of comparison shopping on these products.
We currently have:
1 Double E-belt (from Zoni) - I wore this before Syd entered school. It's now in semi-retirement at home, until Syd's waist is big enough to wear the adult double e-belt.
1 Single E-belt (from Zoni) - Syd wear this now exclusively when she's at school/out of the house.
6 Single Black tubes(from Medipouch)
I did not purchase Medipouch's carrying case because it was just a flimsy black material case sewn on a belt to hold these black tubes in - the tubes themselves are very strong and durable, so if you have spare epi-pens for the house or office, want to keep them dark and protected but do not need these spare epi-pens worn on a belt, these are great tubes to hold the epi in. I think they were around $6.00 a tube.
2 Tote twins (from MedicAlert Canada)
In our Tote Twins (suitable for two epi-pens or 1 pen and 1 or 2asthma puffers) we have 1 back up epi pen (which sits inside a MediPouch black tube inside this tote twin)and the asthma rescue puffer - these Totetwins are not worn, but one is kept in the teachers desk and one is always in my purse. This product is soft yet durable.
The Tote Twin can be also hung from your own belt hook vertically or looped thru a regular belt, worn horizontally like the e-belt does.
For an active child wearing any epi-belt, if your looking for an alternative to the zoni E-belt, I would recommend the Totetwin worn in combination with the MediPouch black tube - the combination of purchasing these two different products (the MediPouch tube thick and hard, the ToteTwin case thick, soft yet durable) from these two different manufacturers makes it a very strong/durable combination product, and at the end of the day, it may be a cheaper alternative to the Zoni belts (not factoring shipping costs and taxes here in Canada. It also would allow a small amount of benedril to be carried with a single epi-pen and the puffer instead of the second epi-pen, if required.)
Now that Syd self-administers her asthma puffer at school, I was looking for a side asthma inhaler pouch to attached to a strong Epi-pen belt, without having to buy a third Zoni E-belt. I contacted AllergyPack (hey - I really am an Epi-case shop-a-holic!) who makes the Epi-pen PenPals and PenPal combo's.
The owner of AllergyPack recently sent me a mock up single epi-pen belt with side attached inhaler side pouch (no charge)- not a current product he carries but he does carry the double PenPal pouch with inhaler side pouch ,so he made this single epi/single puffer specifically for us to test out.
I thought that was really great customer service from AllergyPack.
When the AllergyPack PenPal product arrived, the material that all the AllergyPack products are made of would not withstand my now 4 year olds handling - the fabric was thin foam non-latex material - really thin and stretchy and I could see the velcro being pulled open weakening the stretch fabric to the point of ripping (since the inhaler needs to be utilized frequently, it wasn't going to make it a week before ripping.) Even the actual belt itself is made of this thin stretchy material, making it suseptible to breaking down/tearing over a short period of time.
The AllergyPack's PenPal case specifically for the epi-pen needs the epi-pen to remain in it's original thin plastic tubing case that the pharmacy gives you when buying the epi pen. The AllergyPack PenPal epi-pouch itself is a simple foam tube, covered by this thin stretchy non-latex material - it would not withstand active play like the zoni belt does - our zoni belt can be stepped on without disaster - if you stepped on the Allergy pack Penpal, the pastic pharmacy tube would crack and the epi-pen could very well be damaged. The zoni belt can go stomach first down slides and withstands any playground equipment that a just turned 4 year old can manage - all other products tested to date just don't have the where-with-all to stand up to an active 4 year olds lifestyle.
I sent this PenPal back to AllergyPack with my thanks for the mock up but I'll stick with the E-belt/epi-belt from zoni for now on, and will have to bite the bullet and order a whole new combo single pen/puffer e-belt from zoni/MedicAlert Canada.
Stay tuned, we may have a "used single e-belt" from Zoni on the horizon to give away sooner than later.
Hope all this verbal nonsense made some sense. Warm regards, [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
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Posted on: Mon, 10/20/2003 - 11:08am
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Any teens or adults out there wearing an E-belt? I have just ordered one for my 17 year old son. Up until now he has always used a small fanny pack. I think the E-belt will be a bit more unobtrusive.

Posted on: Sat, 10/25/2003 - 2:18pm
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KateB - I wore a double epi-belt (e-belt) from Zoni for the last 3 years - very comfortable - just like wearing an actual belt really - nothing bulky about it. My 4 year old is wearing her own E-belt now, (child size waist band) so my adult one is in retirement until she grows into the adult size. You're teen will so love it compared to a fanny pack. Let us know how he finds it.

Posted on: Sun, 10/26/2003 - 1:27am
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How did all of you get the epi pen holder past the school? Do your schools allow the children to carry their own epi pen? Presently, our schools do not. Do most schools allow it???

Posted on: Sun, 10/26/2003 - 2:48am
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My school board, in British Columbia, Canada, has a new policy on allergies in school, still in the Draft stages. In it they ask that all children with an epipen carry it on their person, with a second epipen to be kept at the office. This is new to our district, our peanut/nut anaphylactic children's classrooms are peanut/nut free, and our school is 'Peanut Aware', encouraging all students to leave peanut/nut products at home. So far the response has been good.

Posted on: Sun, 10/26/2003 - 2:52am
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I forgot to say that this is the school I teach at, an elementary school, Grades K-7. I am not talking about my son's high school.

Posted on: Mon, 10/27/2003 - 4:39am
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Anonymous (not verified)

My son's school (Ontario, Canada K-5) also requested any child with an epi-pen carry one *on their person* and one in the office, unlocked.
The school is also has a *no peanut* policy.


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