Culinar (Grissol)

Posted on: Thu, 04/11/2002 - 11:34am
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pGood news!/p
pI called Culinar (Grissol) makers of Melba toasts and bread sticks etc.. because I bought a box of Sesame mini-sticks - the label only said "may contain other seeds" and all their other products say "may contain other seeds nuts". I asked about this and the very nice girl told me that: ALL THEIR PRODUCTS ARE NUT FREE AND HAVE BEEN SINCE DECEMBER 2000, PEANUT NUT FREE PLANT!! They just have not changed the labelling yet./p

Posted on: Thu, 04/11/2002 - 11:47am
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Thank you for posting this info! If you have their contact info, can you please post it so I can call to double check and find out where I can purchase their products. Thanks! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sat, 04/13/2002 - 12:09pm
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I am in Quebec Canada.
The contact info is:
Culinar Inc.
Subsidiary of Saputo Inc.
Montreal, Quebec H1V 1M2


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