Jetsgo (New Canadian airline)

Posted on: Thu, 06/06/2002 - 5:23am
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pI called Jetsgo today to ask about their peanut policy. This was the dialogue, almost verbatim:/p
pAnna: Hello. Do you serve peanuts on your flights?/p
pCustomer service rep: Of COURSE!/p
p(Stunned silence on my part, followed by a brief explanation of why they've lost a customer.)/p
pThey don't seem to be peanut allergy aware in any sense, judging from the hearty "Of course!" from the rep. It was as if he had never heard about allergies before judging from his incredulous response to my explanation./p
pIf others wish to contact Jetsgo to express concern, their website with contact info. is:/p
p [url=""][/url]/p

Posted on: Sat, 06/15/2002 - 3:26am
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When I followed up my telephone conversation with an email, it was returned by a manager at Jetsgo who told me that I had been misinformed by customer service, and that they don't serve peanuts, even though peanuts are listed on the menu on their website. (He says they'll be removing that listing soon.)
I'd call before making a booking, but it's possible that they're peanut-allergy aware. [img][/img]

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