Why Re-Invent the Wheel? Let\'s Pool our Resources

Posted on: Tue, 06/25/2002 - 3:48am
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pOkay, I was just thinking about creating a Peanut Allergy notebook to help myself keep up with the information I have collected, and I was thinking about tping up some information sheets that I could use to educate in different situations. Then I thought, I bet others here have done this already. If we cut and pasted things we have typed, such as things to give teachers, outlines or talks ou have given about PA, form letters you uses when contacting manufacturers, lists you have made, etc. here, then we could all save our selves some time and also improve upon what we have come up with. What do you think?/p

Posted on: Tue, 06/25/2002 - 9:00am
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A great idea. I tried to start that with 504 info but this is a much better idea.

Posted on: Tue, 06/25/2002 - 9:19am
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Count me in! How do we begin????

Posted on: Tue, 06/25/2002 - 2:36pm
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Here are 3 pages from the booklet that I have given to the church youth group leaders and to my family which I feel have been a great help for them. I feel the third page was the one that got their attention. It said in plain English that THIS IS SERIOUS! I included the websites where I researched and found the info to reinforce the idea that it wasn't just me overreacting. My booklet is about 15 pages long and includes Manuel's Emergency Plan, foods he can eat for snacks, and info on anaphylaxis.
Some work will need to be done to restore these pages to HTML, but I hope this helps!! Sorry for the length...
Page 1
Food Products that contain peanuts:
Peanuts are widely used in Western and Oriental cooking, for this reason it can be difficult to avoid them. The following list provides examples of foods and other products that may contain peanuts:
ï‚· Baked goods, biscuits, cereals, crackers
ï‚· Chinese meals, Indonesian meals, Italian meals (spaghetti sauces, pesto), Thai meals.
ï‚· Ice creams, sweets/lollies, Chocolate, Nougat
ï‚· Kebabs, Vegetarian sausages, Meat substitute (e.g., nutmeat, nutolene), egg rolls
ï‚· Satay sauce, mixed nuts
ï‚· Peanut oil, Vegetable oils and fats
ï‚· Soups, Vegetarian dishes, Spaghetti sauces
ï‚· Nutmeg, Pesto
ï‚· Health bars, muesli bars
ï‚· Peanut butter, Nutella, Marzipan
ï‚· Cheesecakes, Cakes and muffins, Pastries
ï‚· Yogurt with nuts
Ingredients on Food Labels
Look for the following ingredients on food labels:
ï‚· Lecithin (unless it specifies it is of Soy origin)
ï‚· Arachis or Arachis oil
ï‚· Vegetable extract
ï‚· Natural flavoring
ï‚· Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Other non-food products that may contain peanut
ï‚· Animal/bird feeds
ï‚· Prometrium cream
ï‚· Lotions & shampoos
ï‚· Cosmetics such as face creams
Contaminated food and products
ï‚· It is important to remember that other nuts may cause reactions due to contamination with peanuts. For this reason, people allergic to peanuts are advised to avoid all nuts, e.g. walnut, almond, pecan, pistachio and cashew.
ï‚· Avoid food bought from bulk containers as there is a high risk of contamination with peanuts and other foods.
Peanut Allergy
Ingredients that indicate the presence of peanuts include:
peanut protein mixed nuts
hydrolyzed peanut protein mandalona nuts
peanut oil artificial nuts
peanut oil artificial nuts
peanut butter goober peas
peanut flour goober nuts
Beware of vegetable oil, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil and vegetable oil shortening, that does not specify the source of the oil (i.e. corn oil shortening).
Page 2
3 R's for treating anaphylaxis
* Recognize symptoms
* React quickly
* Review what happened and be sure to prevent it from reoccurring
Steps for treating an anaphylactic reaction:
If you suspect an anaphylactic reaction is occurring, don't lose precious time! Do the following:
* Act quickly!
* Follow your physician's instructions for treatment.
* Call Emergency Medical Services (or 911) and request epinephrine. *[Manuel has a prescription Epi-pen that should be with him at all times.] Do not attempt to drive yourself to a medical facility. Get to a hospital as soon as possible and plan to stay at least four to six hours in case symptoms return.
What should be done if a child experiences an anaphylactic reaction?
Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency. [This portion edited due to contradiction of doctor advice.]

Posted on: Tue, 06/25/2002 - 2:38pm
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P.S. Great Idea, awomick!!
Little Man's Momma

Posted on: Wed, 06/26/2002 - 3:02am
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This is a wonderful idea!!! I've got a website with pa posters on it and am wanting to put this type of info on the website... if anyone is willing to let me use their info it would be a great way to have it altogether in one place. Just email me at [email]chuckswife@hotmail.com[/email] with any info I could use on the website.

Posted on: Wed, 06/26/2002 - 3:14am
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Thanks! I actually have some things to put, but my PA son has Pnumonia for the 4th time in 2 years, and my 3 month old started coughing last night, so I may have to wait a few days to include mine. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Wed, 06/26/2002 - 3:18am
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Thanks! I actually have some things to put, but my PA son has Pnumonia for the 4th time in 2 years, and my 3 month old started coughing last night, so I may have to wait a few days to include mine. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
PS Someone asked how to do this...I am open to suggestions, but, I plan to cut and paste these into Microsoft Word to reformat and print.Also, please excuse my typing in the first post.I was holding my 3 month old when I typed it!

Posted on: Tue, 07/23/2002 - 2:58am
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Here is my sheet I give out...
How to Read a Label
Peanut-Free Diet
Avoid foods that contain Peanuts or any of these ingredients:
Artificial nuts
Beer nuts
Peanut Oil
Ground nuts
Mixed nuts
Monkey nuts
Nut pieces
Peanut butter
Peanut flour
Arachis Oil
Nut butter
Nut Paste (like Almond)
Nut Meal
May indicate presence of peanut protein:
African, Chinese, Indonesian, Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes
Baked Goods (pastries, cookies, muffins, cakes, etc.)
Candy (especially chocolate candy)
Chocolate (candies, candy bars, baking chips, etc.)
Egg rolls
Enchilada sauce
Flavoring (Natural and artificial)- Call manufacturer for source
Sunflower seeds
Almond extract
Hydrolyzed plant protein or oil

Posted on: Tue, 07/23/2002 - 3:00am
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Manufacturers List
Good Labeling Practices:
General Mills (includes Betty Crocker)

Posted on: Tue, 07/23/2002 - 8:01am
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Thank you!
I found much of this useful, however, I noticed that the information is not for peanut allergy only. Is it possible or would it be too difficult to have separate lists for peanut allergy and not include all nuts? My son is pa only and not allergic to tree nuts. It would be a shame to exclude foods that he can eat just because it contains walnuts, for example.
Just a thought...


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