Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 7:43am
Renee111O64's picture
Joined: 06/29/2002 - 09:00

pShe was at school and she saw this on her teacher's desk:/p
p [img][/img] /p
pWhat Next?!/p

Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 7:57am
Gail W's picture
Joined: 12/06/2001 - 09:00

I think our somethingawful friends are up to their tricks again. Renee, could you please let us know if this is really you? Until you confirm, I don't think any of us will give this our attention.
(Renee, I think the zero in your name has been changed to a capital "O" so that they can post pretending to be you. Nice try, boys.)
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Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 9:23am
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Joined: 03/18/2002 - 09:00

Well done, Gail! It is, indeed a different screen name than Renee's. This kind of behavior gives all people who come here for an open dialogue a bad name (as if they actually care about anyone else!). Please note who has taken the high road here, and who has resorted to nasty backhanded tactics to start pointless arguments.
Someday, whoever you are, you are going to have children. And, God-willing, they will be perfect. I'm sure you're genetically engineered to such a degree, and therefore, better than everyone on Earth, that you will have what we all want --- perfect, healthy, happy children. In reality, which you have yet to experience, there are no perfectly healthy children. We all have our problems - PA, bad attitude, you name it...there is always something. Now, when your child (theoretically perfect)needs something, sometime, from the rest of humanity, and we all stand in line waiting to give, think about what a total jerk you were today.
Something I've noticed - extremists mellow after children...think about it.
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Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 9:35am
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Joined: 06/29/2002 - 09:00


Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 9:39am
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School is out, you blockhead

Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 9:56am
Gail W's picture
Joined: 12/06/2001 - 09:00

Hi Beth,
Check out the "Don't respond!!!!" thread started yesterday by river on this board. PEANUTS RULE! tells us that he's a writer for Something Awful and that they've been discussing PA-- checking out our boards and looking for examples of how we are making unreasonable demands-- to write a satirical piece. They've shown various reasons and degrees of sincerity about being here.
Hope that sheds a little light. I enjoy your posts, Beth!
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Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 11:53pm
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Joined: 06/26/2002 - 09:00

Out of curiousity, ladies, how would you react if she were real and you were in her shoes? That book certainly isn't fake (ISBN 0312982240). Were it my daughter or child, I'd be concerned that their nutrition teacher was so wantonly stupid that he or she fell into the trap of fad diets, but I wouldn't be concerned at all if they taught that peanuts in moderation were a reasonable and healthy source of protein, which they certainly to people without peanut allergies. How would you react?

Posted on: Sun, 06/30/2002 - 12:50am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Plus the fact the *real* Renee111064 registered in July of 2001 and has nearly 300 posts and up until last week...never has anyone downloaded pictures on this site.
People have a right to their opinions and their posts, that is not an issue with me. However, I do have a problem when people start assuming the identity of other members.
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Posted on: Sun, 06/30/2002 - 4:22am
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Joined: 06/26/2002 - 09:00

Why in the blue hell would anyone use that diet anyway? I mean, peanut butter is tasty and all, but it's a hideous bag of fat. In moderation it's fine, but geeze... if I was going to diet like that, I'd go with the "Nummy Bacon Diet" because if I'm going to eat something that's mostly fat, it should be bacon.

Posted on: Sun, 06/30/2002 - 9:55am
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Joined: 03/18/2002 - 09:00

Hey get anywhere with that bacon diet, you let me know...I'm in!
I'm thinking that none of us are taking umbrage with the peanut diet - one person's opinion/research doesn't change that fact that our children would die from such a thing - our issue is someone impersonating another member. It's just plain nasty, childish, and it makes the people who come here with opposing viewpoints look nast and childish. Smeared with the same brush and all.

Posted on: Mon, 07/01/2002 - 5:51am
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OT, but a lot of people enjoy great dieting success on low-carbohydrate diets- the type that allows them to eat as much bacon as they want, whenever they want.
The low-carbers I know enjoy nuts as a (relatively) low-carb snack. They also eat "natural" peanut butter which is just peanut butter with no sugar or anything else added, and bake things with almond flour.


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