PA Safe Pre-Packaged Non-Refrigerated Snacks for School? Cdn. Specific

Posted on: Tue, 09/03/2002 - 11:56am
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pI had a call from the school to-day to see if I could provide the milk co-ordinator with a list of safe, healthy pre-packaged snacks for the school that didn't require refrigeration./p
pI have just e-mailed Kellogg's Canada to see if their Nutrigrain bars are safe and if they have any other safe snack items./p
pI thought of Hunts pudding, but the teacher/dietician does not consider this a healthy snack. Nor does she consider the fruit snacks (really ju jubes) by Trebor-Allan a healthy snack./p
pI did suggest the Christie's line of crackers, Ritz, Triscuits, etc., but she doesn't want to have them in boxes that she has to worry about opening and packaging up again. She wants something that is already pre-packaged and doesn't need refrigeration and can simply hand out to students who I assume do not have a snack./p
pI did think of the SunRype fruit and vegetable strips. The woman also asked me about Fruit Roll-ups but I have never purchased them./p
pOf course, most of the things on my Safe Snack and Lunch List require refrigeration so they were vetoed./p
pI'm not even clear if the little packages of Ritz crackers with cheese are "safe" as we never purchase these. I know that for the first time ever this week I purchased some Kraft Lunchables and they were safe, but also required refrigeration./p
pShe just basically wants something that is pre-packaged that she can grab and give to a child that doesn't have a healthy snack on-hand. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated./p
pMany thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]/p

Posted on: Tue, 09/03/2002 - 12:35pm
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Hi Cindy
Del Monte makes various fruit cups as well as fruit gels (something like jello). Dole also has a fruit cup. The small boxes of raisins should also suffice.
My guys love the Sun Rype products, especially the Fruit to Go and Energy Bars.
We have also given the boys Fruit Roll-Ups by Betty Crocker, but as I read the box in front of me, I have just realized it does say imported by General Mills Canada (Mississauga).

Posted on: Tue, 09/03/2002 - 1:50pm
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Adam's Mom, thank-you! [img][/img] Some great ideas I hadn't thought of. I could only think of the little applesauce containers and the different flavoured ones they have now. I really appreciate your input and am going to e-mail your suggestions to the woman involved straight away. Thanks so much! [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2002 - 2:44am
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Hi Cindy. I do believe that Nutrigrain bars are safe, as are Kellog's Milk Crunch (frosted flake) bars. I think Ritz Cracker are May Contain, especially because they make the peanut butter sandwiches. I freeze those yogurt tubes, so that they stay cold until he has to eat them. Those Handi Snacks with the cheese and crackers are also nut safe. Also, Rice Krispie treats are safe.
Kids don't need a huge variety. They're pretty happy as long as they like what you give them [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2002 - 3:22am
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Hi Cindy
The big Ritz are safe, the minis are not as they are made together with the peanut butter sandwich ones.
Packaged rice krispie squares are safe (but not healthy!!). Last time I checked the kraft bread sticks are cheese dip were safe (you know the small rectangular containers) but maybe check again because they make the peanut butter ones and you want to be sure they are still safe. Nutrigrain bars are safe. So are Hot Rods we use them all the time (but to be honest I haven't checked ingredients this year) - can she live with a package of premium plus saltines and a hot rod so they get some protein?
Instead of Fruit Rollups, what about the Sun..something (SunRype? maybe) Fruit Bars? They are thin blue rectangles and have mainly Fruit in them instead of sugar like the Rollups. They are safe too.
Good luck and take care!!

Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2002 - 7:25am
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I spoke to Nabisco about 6 months ago. They told me to never consider the Ritz with cheese crackers safe. They are processed on the same equipment as the crackers with peanut butter.
I have given Emily home made fruit leather (fruit rollups). She seems to like it. Maybe the school could a project and make fruit leather for snacks.
What about the aide passing out real fruit? Maybe the school could get local farmers to bring fruit and vegetables to the school at a fraction of the cost of buying it in a store.


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