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Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2002 - 4:35am
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pI have read these boards for awhile, just haven't felt the need to post yet./p
pNow I am MAD. I had a wonderful Director and Teachers at my daughters Pre-School. For some reason (the school will only tell me it isn't criminal), the Director was let go. I found out that a few of the Teachers won't be there this year either./p
pThe new Director started the day my daughter had her allergy test. She (my daughter) was rated 5++ on a scale of 0 thru 6. I went to discuss this with the Director on her second day./p
pThis woman told the Teacher in front of me that because Parents fed their children formula all these kids are now allergic to peanut./p
pThat didn't make me mad so much as when she told me she would take peanuts out of the school, and I asked her not to. Just take precautions on the kids washing hands after eating. We had no problems with keeping my daughter away from peanuts with the old Director./p
pThis woman WALKED AWAY from me! She went into her office and shut the door. That ticked me off big time. Then the more I thought about her comment on formula feeding the more ticked off I got./p
pIt is not her business why my daughter was formula fed. I didn't inform her that Emily was in the NeoNatal I.C.U. the first few days of her life. That in itself made breastfeeding a nightmare. I tried, it just never clicked for my daughter and I. But, that is not the new Directors business./p
pI realize that there are studies linking formula to peanut allergic kids. In my own personal opinion --- Oh Well! I am not going to try and figure how it happened. It just happened. I would much rather get this study information from our Doctor, or from boards like this, not someone I just met! Supposedly this woman has a masters in Child Development. I think that she forgot the class on learning to be polite to the Child's Mother!/p
pSorry to rant for so long. I just had to get this off my chest./p
pBy the way, obviously pulling Emily out of that school was for the best. Her new Pre-School did training last week BEFORE Emily started there yesterday./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2002 - 5:24am
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Well, that's a new one on me, blaming peanut allergy on formula. If she has the answer to why some children develop peanut allergy she should be publishing it in medical journals, because she's way ahead of the allergy experts.
Don't worry about those dumb comments. This website is full of mothers who breastfed their babies and the kids are PA. I personally breastfed my son for 2 years while I happily munched away on peanuts and sesame the whole time and he's allergic to both. My friends did the same and their kids are not allergic. Of course, I also ate tons of eggs and milk and cheese while nursing and he's not allergic to those. Who knows...don't let ignorant comments get to you.

Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2002 - 7:34am
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Thanks Sandra. I don't mean to sound so witchy. This is my first encounter with anything negative regarding my daughters allergy. And my daughter will be 4 next week! We must be lucky in more ways than one.

Posted on: Sun, 09/08/2002 - 12:43pm
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hi there just to let you know i breast fed both my boys and they both are pa . but heres food for thought we had a mold problem in our basement and we found out that the spores that were in my house can cause severe food sensitivites so since they were both exposed to mold since being in my belly i think that may sound about right

Posted on: Mon, 09/09/2002 - 9:42am
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Hi thehealed
You know its funny in a way. I have been reading all sorts of studies lately.
One study that seems to pop up is this one... When someone in the immediate family has exzema, there is a higher chance of allergy in the child. Well, I have never been diagnosed with excema. But, my brother and I have always had terrible skin conditions. Em was diagnosed with excema at 3 months.
In short, I think I would always be able to find a study that explains Emilys allergy. Now I just try to concentrate on going forward.

Posted on: Tue, 09/10/2002 - 1:11am
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Emilysmom, do not feel bad. I bf my dd for 21 months and ate lots of PB before knowing she was allergic. I live with wondering if my bfing her made her allergic, so you just never know! That woman was misinformed and thoughtless in her comments.
Our school is also going nut free and not per my request. They have had a few nut allergies for the first time this year, and decided it was better to be nut free. It will be tough, because I am just use to sending my dd with her own snacks everywhere she goes. She is used to this. The school is really striving to have all safe snacks for all children, when it is just impossible(with other food allergies present as well). Until they figure out their strategies, I really want total control over what my dd eats(not quite 3), as opposed to people just learning about labels and manufacturers. It is frustrating, but I appreciate that they really want all the kids to feel part of everything, and not to single out anyone. Hope things work out thorugh your transition with your new director. becca


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