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Posted on: Thu, 11/21/2002 - 1:09pm
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Does anyone know of a safe pre-made pie crust (preferably dairy and egg-free)? I no longer trust Pillsbury after reading these boards. We have one from Marie Callender's that looks safe, but I don't know whether to trust the label.

Posted on: Mon, 11/25/2002 - 10:59pm
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Mrs. Smith's ready made pie crusts are peanut and tree nut free according to the manufacturer.

Posted on: Tue, 11/26/2002 - 12:55am
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I feel a lot better about Pillsbury since they were bought by General Mills. I have been using Pillsbury products quite a bit lately and my son has been fine with them. I do always make sure the General Mills Label is on the product as there are still some old ones out there with just Pillsbury labeling.

Posted on: Tue, 11/26/2002 - 3:09am
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I did decide to cave in and buy pillsbury crusts, but it is only a remote issue for me, since I am sure my picky dd will not even try pumpkin pie. So, she will not be eating it. I just decided I cannot keep making everything from scratch if she won't even touch it!
Not sure if I would let her taste it. I will recheck the labels for the General Mills logo, and maybe I would feel okay about it. I did check a bunch of cookie logs at the store the other day, and many had very precise labeling for the cross contact items(milk, nuts, peanuts, and even that the M&Ms in the cookies were a may contain item). So it is looking pretty good. I still cannot use the cookies due to egg allergies, but might give them the okay if this labeling looks good when we outgrow the egg. School likes them, but I always make homemade cookies anyway.
As much as I boycott bad labeling, I would like to support companies making efforts, and that includes if they redeem themselves(as long as the test of time seems to hold up that they are actually safe). I will give them a chance if it keeps looking good. becca

Posted on: Tue, 11/26/2002 - 6:11am
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When I called GM about pillsbury products they said even if the GM labeling is on there, if it doesn't have the bold allergen labeling (like on other GM products at the bottom of the ingredient list) then that means that particular plant has not yet been inspected by GM to make sure of the allergens and potential for cross contamination. I checked the pillsbury pie crusts at kroger last night and there was a GM label but no allergen warning (even though there is wheat in it-not sure what else) so I didn't buy it.
Glad to know about mrs smith pie crusts. I get tired of making my own. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Tue, 09/30/2003 - 2:27am
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anyone call to check on mrs smith's pie crust lately

Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2003 - 12:52am
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I e-mail Mrs. Smith's today. I couldn

Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2003 - 4:24am
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This is the response I got today 10/01/03:
Response: Rhonda, our ready-to-bake pie crusts are produced in a production
plant that does not use peanuts or tree nuts in any of the products they
produce; therefore, they should be safe for your daughter to eat.
Consumer Affairs

Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2003 - 11:12pm
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This is the e-mail response I got when I asked the following question:
Dear Janet,
Thank you for the quick response! We are very excited to find a ready-made pie crust. Can you tell me what other products are made in that plant so that I may purchase them? Is there a plant code?
Thank you,
Rhonda RS
Rhonda, you're welcome however, I do want to clarify my description to
insure that it was not misleading - I was referring to our ready-made,
"frozen" pie crusts that require baking - not a no-bake product. Can be
pre-baked as a ready-to-fill pie or baked with a filling in it. And, they're
made with vegetable shortening so, no lard.
We offer the 9" Deep Dish pie crusts - UPC # 27700 04016
9" Deep Dish Shortbread pie crusts - UPC # 27700 04018 (found in some
9" Regular pie crusts - UPC # 27700 05364
If you are unable to locate them in your area stores, we suggest that you
check with the store management to see if they're able to order them from
their food broker.
Hope you enjoy using our product.
Janet Liegl
Consumer Affairs Department
Mrs. Smith's Bakeries
A Division of Schwan's Bakery, Inc.
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Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2003 - 11:16pm
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QUESTION 10/2/03
Dear Janet,
Thank you again for the response. I just wanted to double check: In the

Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2003 - 11:53pm
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thanks for checking!!!


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