nervous mom with 1 yr. old son

Posted on: Sun, 11/24/2002 - 3:19am
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Hi. My one year old son was just diagnosed with allergies to peanuts and eggs. (We got him tested after he broke out in hives from one bite of scrambled eggs.) He has never had peanuts before, so we have no idea what kind of a reaction he would have--the allergist didn't want to give him some and see what happens. But our ped. prescribed an epipen just in case. I was feeling okay with the whole thing until i started reading the food board here, and then i started getting tears in my eyes! I have been reading labels since his diagnosis, and haven't had any problems. The only thing we couldn't have were McDonald's cookies. But after reading some of the posts, it seems like i can't trust the labels. I thought all of the manufacturers put "may contain peanuts" now. So now I am very nervous. I don't think his allergy is so severe that even the smell could cause a reaction--his yr. old sister has eaten too many PB sandwhiches and then breathed on him for the smell to be it. BTW does soy butter taste good? i want to get it so my 5 yr old does mistakingly leave her PB where my son can get it.
is there any one book or anything that has been most helpful to you all?

Posted on: Sun, 11/24/2002 - 8:40am
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Hi there and welcome. Yes, soybutter really does taste good. Be careful though not all soybutters are safe (some are made in the same facility/lines as pb). We use IM Healthy Soy butter. It tastes almost like real pb and you can use it like pb in baking recipes.

Posted on: Sun, 11/24/2002 - 11:44am
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Guess it seems challenging to find a safe comfort zone when dealing with more than one food allergy but it does happen. I used to call manufactors all the time- I still do for new companies but for companies I've dealt with for long time I just read the label and look on shelves at what else that company's making in the same size.
At home I do have some dedecated items (spatula for safe foods, waffle iron that's never had egg/nuts in it etc.) (then we have stuff that's been used with egg- and it is only for that and used when Food allergic son is not in the house and not for him to eat any of it.
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