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Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 1:08am
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Hi MommaBear,
I visited the link you provided above for the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). I know that many school nurses belong to the National Association of School Nurses. Is it common for school nurses to belong to the AACN as well? Membership in both of these professional associations is voluntary, correct? Do you feel one is better than the other? Perhaps one of the resources a parent might want to present to “an uninformed school” is philosophy, beliefs and value statement of AACN. –We have a wonderful school nurse who is an RN who adores Katie. I am so appreciative of her professionalism, dedication, support and gentleness. Katie knows that if she needs *anything* the school nurse is always her safety person.
Take care,

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 5:17am
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Thank you for your reply [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
To quote you:
"Perhaps one of the resources a parent might want to present to an uninformed school is philosophy, beliefs and value statement of AACN."
I am a tired, busy, mother, wife, daughter, friend, neighbor, and yes, nurse. Hopefully, someday, I will be a tired, busy grandmother. I love the reasons I am tired, though. I believe the philosophy, beliefs, and values of the statement are lovely ones. When I get really really tired, I read it again. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] It reminds me how lucky I am that God chooses to let me live another day.I wear a lot of hats, and I make an effort to apply the statement to my other roles in life.

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 2:48pm
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Hello every on
For once I let go of the PA thing.
I went out and thought of my self.
I won tickets to the Improve from wrmf radio station.
It was almost like it was ment to be I need this.
I need to laugh about somthing and to let go of some thing that was so contrtoling In my life.
I feel better even though I can't type.
I feel great.
I feel I can go on.
Parents of PA childerin its ok, Justremember you can do this ,But Take time for your self.
It can be scarry,but take a break.
Find some one that can care for your kids and take a break from it.
Laugh enjoy life.
I can't Thank WRMF Radio station for giving me this chance to take a break from it all.
Thanks WRMF
Love this site

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 1:11am
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Good for you, Synthia! We all need to remember to take care of ourselves, too. After 8 years of not going out with dh, except, perhaps twice, we have found a babysitter and have started "dating" again. So much fun!
Just wanted to point out - whoever you left little v with - consider that person in your comfort zone!
When I think of things or situations where feel safe, I feel like I have control and I feel so much better! Maybe you will, too.

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 10:53am
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I left little v with her dad at home.
I went with a friend of mine.
Our next trip to Improv is in a bout 2 weeks with DH and my self.
Some one will watch little v and her DB + DS at our house.
About not going out,My dh and my self have not had a night out since 1996.Iam looking forward to this date.
Thanks for all your support,We can do this!
Love this site
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Posted on: Thu, 01/23/2003 - 1:24am
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Hello everyone,
Well I think we are making progress.
I have a letter from DD doctor stating that sh has a sever peanut allergy,and carries a Ep-pen,she is not allowed to be in the room with other children eating peanut products.
Iam going to allow one call fron the district doc to DD doc to make things clear.
Iam going to drop the paper work off on the 28 of this month.
Any IMO?
Love this site
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Posted on: Fri, 01/24/2003 - 11:06pm
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Hello everyone
Just bummping this up.
Would like any sugg. or IMO
Little v is still not in school yet.
Waiting for Pre-K traing and dist.school doc to talk to little v's doc.
Love this site

Posted on: Thu, 01/30/2003 - 6:54am
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Hello everyone
Just a up date
Dropped off all paper work to her school today.
Still working on the 504.
The nurse keeps asking me the same thing over and over again.
The bendryl and epi-pen.
I've told her if contact: wash her with warm soap and water and then do bendryl.if the area that has been contacted spreads or other symponts occure give Epi-pen and call 911
Sorry every one got to go for now been very sick.Started on mon. I try to get DH to type more.
Love this site
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Posted on: Sun, 02/02/2003 - 11:56pm
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Hello all
Just a up date
DH is writing a letter to request a PN/TN
free class room.
I've droped off the paper work to the school last week.
The nurse is still askeing about the anaphylaxis when to adim, the EP-Pen.
Boy does she have me worried.
Love this site

Posted on: Mon, 02/03/2003 - 12:20am
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"The nurse is still askeing about the anaphylaxis when to adim, the EP-Pen."
Ask her to put her concerns in writing.
Ask her if it is ok to forward it to your child's physician (the one who manages the PA allergy).
I would be interested in her response.


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