This is it,Iam scared to death for Little v

Posted on: Tue, 12/17/2002 - 9:25am
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Hello to all

As I type I'am crying,please bear with me.
Got the call last week child find has placed little v in a school for speech class and developmental issues.All I can think about is her life ,The fact I have to let her go into the world with out me.Not only does she have a speech promblem and has a hard time understanding and communacating,I have to trust these people.

I called the school nurse and spoke to her today.They asked me to tell them about little v PA they asked ? like how to tell if she has a anaphylactic attack.Then is when I realized her life could be at stake. They said the other pa kids dont have it has sever as little v.They also told me kids bring there lunch to class with PBJ,I wanted to cry. I have a meeting with the school nurse on fri. and the principle and the asst prin.

Love this site

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Posted on: Tue, 12/17/2002 - 10:08am
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Synthia - You are doing just great handling this.
Maybe we can help you get a list together of all the things you want accomplished with the faculty and staff so that they are 100% prepared to handle any situation.
I'll start your list with:
Peanut butter for lunches
1) Can this be changed to avoid peanut butter in the classroom? If not,
2a) Where can the peanut butter sandwiches be eaten so as not to affect the surfaces of objects touched by peanut buttery fingers (i.e. the pencil sharpener, the blocks, the pencil crayons, etc) and
2b) Who's responsible for cleaning the hands and desk surfaces of the little peanut butter sandwich lovers? and is it being done?
3) Do you have an Epi-pen trainer so you can train every single custodian, every teacher, librarian, staff, volunteer, principal, secretary, etc? I can send you an Epi-pen trainer so you can train others so at least they know which end to pull. (Just let me know if I can send you a trainer - I'd be glad to.)
4) Where's the Epi pen kept?
Keep the epi-pen close at all times - insist the teacher wear it - not have it locked away in some office closet that is too far from the playground or classroom and fumbling for keys to open cabinets in an emergency can't be much fun.
I don't want to unindate you with Q&A's tonight because you have enough on your mind.
If we can chip away at a list of things you need to get straightened away tomorrow, then you can post here how it is going, and we can add to the list.
You're doing all the right things - keep a journal so when questions pop into your mind, they are handy when you meet up with the teachers, principals, etc., and document what they say they intend to do, etc. etc.
Right now, it may feel like it's going too fast and spinning out of control, but that's why we're here.
Once you control this situation, you'll start feeling much better and really on top of things.
Glad you trust us to help, offer advice, provide insight. You matter to us and we'll help you help keep little V safe.
Cheers Karen

Posted on: Tue, 12/17/2002 - 10:19am
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Syd's mom
Thank you so very much.
I need all of your support.I will start with that and gather my paper work of info to teach everyone.I will get will you tommorrow.
Thanks again I needed to hear from some one.
Love This Site

Posted on: Wed, 12/18/2002 - 12:20pm
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Hi to all
Went to little v's school to drop off some paper work for the nurse that cannot be at the fri meeting.What you need to know about pa.
Iwas told that the 3 other pa are in the school not her class.and that pbj brought in from the students,and that is a issue because one of the students has to have a protin snack and thats what he eats.I mentioned to the nurse that the pbj stayes on your breath for 6 hrs,at least 3hrs I know of for sure which means this student can't go around little v after having the pbj. There will be the principal,the vice principal,a dieticianary,and someone else the nurse did not know who.
Love this site
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Posted on: Thu, 12/19/2002 - 6:49am
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The child who must have peanut butter needs protein? How about a Boiled egg? Hunk of steak (lol) but seriously, what about a little cheese snack and Yogurt? A requirement for peanut butter as the only source of protein shouldn't override a life safety issue of a peanut allergy.
If there are no alternative to this one child having peanut butter, eating it should be in a safe area, area thoroughly cleaned, and cloth put directly in laundry after table wiping, and the child should be hosed down (just joking) but at the very least, he/she should be required to be supervised after his peanut butter while he washes his hands and face with soap,and brushes his teeth with toothbrush and paste.
(His/her mom might find that cheese, yogurt, is much easier than all of this routine around the bringing in of peanut butter)
Hope the days are getting brighter for you.
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Posted on: Thu, 12/19/2002 - 12:23pm
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Re: other sources of protein: I don't know if this helps, but, I saw an article somewhere that the following things have as much protein as PB: a cup of milk, a bagel, a serving of raisin bran.
Also I think goldfish, cracklin oat bran cereal, quaker oat squares cereal, soy nut butter, wheat nuts, animal crackers, pudding all have 4 grams of protein per serving or more.

Posted on: Thu, 12/19/2002 - 12:50pm
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Thanks everyone
I was just getting ready for bed,I thought I might try to get a little extra sleep.HA HA.I've mad the protein list,and gathered my thoughtsand books I made.
I will keep a open mind and listen to what they have to say.In the long run I know I can keep her SAFE,I am strong so is little v.I will try to let everyone know whats happening tomorrow night.
I would also like to say
Thank you Chris I am not sure were I would be with out this site.
Thanks to all
Love This Site{:}

Posted on: Thu, 12/19/2002 - 1:53pm
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Hi, Synthia -
Just wanted to wish you the best with little v. Sounds like you are really a terrific mom. I was wondering if you thought of asking if you could meet with the little PBJ lover's mom? You both seem to be worried about your child's health and you never know, if both your kids learn to be understanding of each other's needs they might be able to help each other. Your little v could help remind the PBJ lover that he/she needs to eat protein and maybe help find new "fun" foods that take care of protein problem. I don't know about you, but even kids get bored of eating the same foods every day especially if another child has something else. Who knows maybe the PBJ lover would be happy to meet someone else they could speak to who wouldn't make them feel different for having to "make sure they eat the right food". If it is handled right, they both could feel like they have the power to make a difference in someone's life. It's a great opportunity to teach responsiblity and compassion for others. You and the other mom may find you share a lot of the same feelings. Maybe she is getting flack from other adults about being so "restrictive" about her child's eating habits. You could have a new supportive friend. After all, I'm sure PBJ's mom isn't being this specific just to make little v's life hard. She's probably worried her child's needs will not be taken seriously either. Life has a strange way of introducing people. [img][/img]
Best wishes,

Posted on: Sat, 12/21/2002 - 12:06pm
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Hello everyone,
I don't have much time to explain has my dh is going to install my new printer,santa gave me,Thank you Santa.
The meeting went well what was suppose to be myself and the nurse wound up to be 10 people.Boy was I supprised.Need less to say I thank it went well.
She does fall under the 504 I am not sure the way the laid it out .She has a IEP .IHP,IDEA.And some thing else Idont recall right now will get back on that. How ever they have Modifications/accommodations will be incorporated in her IEP A nurse care plan she also has A ECPwill be developed, I also found out,I kinda figured it to be,The child that has to have a protein snack is the parent that I have been speaking with the past year.Her daughter is my daughter friend and her son is the on that I allready Know about. She does not have a promblem with no pbj at school.Got to go DH is ready to hook up the printer later
Love This Site
Synthia( [img][/img]

Posted on: Sat, 12/21/2002 - 12:26pm
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I'm so glad it seems like the school and the mom who's kids had peanut butter sounds like she's o.k. with other protein alternatives. It's starting to sound like your new year is headed in the right direction - I am so happy for you.
Have fun with the printer - hope it's one of those plug and play kind where it doesn't create problems of it's own in hooking it up!
Warm regards,
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Posted on: Mon, 12/23/2002 - 10:35pm
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Good morning to all
Printer is ready Thank you santa.
The first meeting went well.The next one is set for 1-9-02 To add to the IEP.That was a ? I had Beacuse it is added to the IEP would that change anything? Is that ok?
The teacher is to carry the E-P in a pouch around her waist at all times.
She will carry a cell phone as well.
The children are to wipe there hands upon entering the class room.
A letter will go home for the parent not to sent peanuts or pbj or any related p produts.
I will supply the bendyl 2 one for the class room and one for the nurses station.
The school will nolonder make pb cookies.
The will train all Prek staff for use of the e-pi pen.
I will help ecudate the school and staff.
May is food and allergy asthma awarness week.We will get something going for the school awareness,Staff and students.
Got to go for now
Happy Holidays
Love This Site
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