Teenager and Epi-Pen and Dr. Sampson Visit

Posted on: Fri, 02/02/2001 - 11:22am
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pI have an 11 year-old son who is highly PA and carries his Epi-Pens in an insulated lunch box along with his Benadryl. As he is becoming a teen-ager, the lunch box is quite conspicuous hanging from his shoulder. /p
pWe also forget it from time to time because of his busy schedule. What is the Epi-Belt that has been discussed on this Board. Has anyone found clever ways to carry the Epi-Pens?/p
pSecond, I have seen several posts indicating that parents are going to see Dr. Sampson. I am aware of his interest and research on PA, but what is the purpose of a personal visit?/p
pThanks for any input./p

Posted on: Sat, 02/03/2001 - 1:16am
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You can find out more information under the Product heading.
Here's the link to the one we use. [url="http://www.zoniinc.com"]www.zoniinc.com[/url]
I love it! We can most often keep it hidden underneath her shirts. My daughter is 5.
...but have to say it's expensive, and you have to select a size so they only last you a few years depending on how much you grow!

Posted on: Sat, 02/03/2001 - 10:36am
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We just got the epi-belt for my child (age 10). He wears it under his shirt. It is very well constructed and looks like it would withstand all kinds of kid/teen play. My only concern is that there is no way to carry Benadryl on the belt.

Posted on: Sat, 02/03/2001 - 10:46am
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I ordered the single and the double ones from [url="http://www.peanutallergy.com/sponsorspage.htm"]http://www.peanutallergy.com/sponsorspage.htm[/url]

Posted on: Sun, 02/04/2001 - 3:06am
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You asked about the purpose of a personal visit with Sampson. We have a visit scheduled with Dr. Sampson (Dr. Hugh Sampson at the Jaffe Allergy Institute at Mt. Sinai in New York). Our goal is to familiarize ourselves with the research going on at the institute, get onto the appropriate mailing lists, have our daughter examined by a leading expert in the field in case our allergist missed anything, and get the most knowledgeable answers to about 100 questions we have. There is sooooo much mis-information and partial information out there about medical conditions. So we feel the best course of action is to get to know the true experts in the field.
That's our plan. Others undoubtedly have other reasons for visiting him.

Posted on: Sun, 02/04/2001 - 3:36am
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Wilton this caught my eye because I live in Wilton New York. We just took our 14 year old Christopher to the doctor just for a talking to about the not forgetting because it is to important. the visit went very well. I don't think Christopher will ever forget. As hard as the things were to hear from the doctor I know that it had to be handeled this way. she just explained how some people will never understand so he needs to take responsibility for this.. I think it helped talking with them. Take care claire

Posted on: Sun, 02/04/2001 - 6:32am
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I really appreciate these excellent replies.
How did you get the appointment set with Dr. Hugh Sampson?
This sharing via message boards is extremely useful.
Thanks to everyone who takes the time to share experiences.

Posted on: Sun, 02/04/2001 - 8:29am
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Re the apointment, we called his office at Mt. Sinai and scheduled the appointment. It is still months away - he's got a full calendar. But that's OK - it gives us more time to build up our list of questions.
btw, our pediatrician thinks that scheduling an appointment with Sampson is going a bit far. But our attitude is that she (the ped) doesn't know that much about food allergies, and our best defense is knowledge. So we're going to the best sources we can find.

Posted on: Sun, 02/04/2001 - 10:28am
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Take a look at [url="http://www.protectube.com"]www.protectube.com[/url] for the Epi-tote twin. It holds two epipens and an asthma inhaler or a combination of an epipen and benadryl liquid or two epipens and antihistamine tablets as well as an asthma inhaler. The price is very reasonable and it also comes with a belt.
Protectube has informed us that they have addressed the problem we originally had with the cover on their product. We will now be able to promote the product. We have added it to the products page, and will be sending out information about the product to our community etc. They have also decided to help support PeanutAllergy.Com by donating a portion of the purchase price if you tell them you came from PeanutAllergy.Com. There is a place on their on-line order page to write where you came from, please remember to tell them you came from PeanutAllergy.Com
If you will be ordering by regular mail or phone etc. be sure to let them know also.
Here is a link to the PeanutAllergy.Com products page with this and other products which can help to carry auto-injectors and other medications, as well as Vermont Nut Free chocolate company, books for adults and children, T-shirts etc.
Here is the link (web address)
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Posted on: Mon, 02/05/2001 - 9:34am
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The EpiMate is a hard bodied plastic carrying case designed to protect you and your EpiPen.It has several carrying and storing options, many accessories, interior slots for benedryl tablets and lables for personal/medical information. Multiple EpiMate cases can be connected together and it is available in three great colors. You can see the EpiMate at [url="http://www.EpiMate.com"]www.EpiMate.com[/url] or purchase it at The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network or at [url="http://www.cvs.com."]www.cvs.com.[/url]

Posted on: Tue, 02/06/2001 - 1:30am
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I made an appt. with Dr. Sampson back in Novemeber or October, our appt. is April 23, 2001. Our ped. highly reccommended him, he explained that Dr. Sampson can put a lot of things into persective about the peanut/tree nut allergies. I feel very comfortable going to see him since, my husband & I have a lot of unanswered questions. I am very frustrated waiting this long period of time & at first we felt it was very extreme going to the city. Now that I have had time to think about it, he will be able to give us all my sons exact levels of allergies along with being able to tell us what he can & can not have. He will do more intense testing, I feel since this is sole priorty ( food allergies) he has to know a lot more than other Dr.'s. He does all the research along with this supposedly new vaccination for PA.
I feel very positive about htis visit & I feel my son will enjoy his experience with him. If this means even going once a year I don't mind. A friend of mine goes to him once a year to see if her levels have change or she has become allergic to anything else.
As you read on in these posts you will see his name mentioned a lot & people love him.
Good Luck,


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