Nestle Reverses Decision!

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 2:17am
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p[url=""] /
Nestl De Smarties, Aero, Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp And Mirage Chocolates Will Continue To Be Manufactured In Peanut/Nut-Free Environment -- Company responds to consumer requests - Nestl De remains only national confectionery company offering a variety of popular chocolate brands produced in a peanut/nut-free environment - Company to pursue other approaches to satisfy demand for peanut/nut chocolate products/p
pStory Filed: Monday, May 14, 2001 11:30 AM EST /p
pTORONTO, May 14, 2001 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- Nestl De Canada is pleased to announce that it will continue to manufacture Nestl De Smarties, Aero, Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp and Mirage in a peanut/nut-free environment. This reverses a previously announced plan to cease production of these products in a peanut/nut-free environment as of January of next year. /p
p"We have been truly overwhelmed by the emotional chord that our original decision struck with consumers," said Graham Lute, Senior Vice-President, Nestl De Canada. "Since our announcement three weeks ago, we have received several thousand letters, phone calls and email messages from Canadians, with and without peanut/nut allergies, asking us to reconsider our position. We've read every email and letter. We've listened to consumers and moved quickly to reverse our original decision. We will pursue other options to satisfy the growing segment of consumers who want peanut/nut chocolate products." /p
p"We realize that consumers need choice and we have tried to be both responsive and responsible in meeting this need," Lute added. "With this decision, we remain the only national confectionery company to provide a variety of popular chocolate products manufactured in a peanut/nut-free environment." /p
p"Peanut and nut allergies are a growing concern," said Dr. Susan Wasserman, Allergist, Clinical Immunologist, McMaster University, The Firestone Chest and Allergy Unit at St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton. "People with this type of condition face limited choices. So do teachers, parents and friends living or working with allergic individuals. They have to be careful too. I commend Nestl De's efforts to provide allergic adults and children with viable options." /p
pThe company's decision is effective immediately. However, because Nestl De's original intent was to allow peanut/nuts into its factory by January of next year, it had to begin changing its packaging much sooner, to give consumers advance notice. As a result, an allergy alert will temporarily appear on a limited number of product packages now in stores. The company is in the process of producing new packaging. /p
p"We want to reassure Canadians that these products were manufactured in a peanut/nut-free environment and do not contain peanuts or nuts," said Lute. "We invite consumers to visit our web site at [url=""][/url] or call us at 1-800-387-4636, if they have any concerns or questions." /p
pTo ensure that Nestl De Smarties, Aero, Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp and Mirage are manufactured in an environment free of peanuts and nuts, Nestl De Canada follows rigorous quality standards. /p
pNestl De Canada Inc. is known for brands such as KitKat, Stouffer's, Nescaf De, Legend and Parlour ice cream, Carnation and Friskies. The company employs over 4,000 across Canada and has sales in excess of $1.6 billion annually; making it one of the largest value-added food manufacturing companies in Canada./p

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 2:29am
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This is fantastic news! I kept re-reading it thinking that it was a joke - I couldn't believe it was real. We should all email them and thank them for being so responsive.

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 2:31am
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What great news!!!! What a wonderful feeling that we and all those who called an emailed were able to persuade them to change their minds!
Now how about getting one of those plants in the US?! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 3:02am
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I also had to re-read this! Fantastic news! I guess we will really have to move to Canada now! Nice to know somebody is listening, it renews my spirit!

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 3:13am
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I have just sent this off to Nestle's. I think it is important, after all we have done to say thank you for listening!
I was one of the many who wrote when you first announced your decision to change your nut free chocolate bars, as was my 7 young son, who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Today, I sit here with tears of joy streaming down my face, knowing when my 7 year old Peanut allergic son comes home I can tell him he WILL be able to continue to eat your wonderful products.
You probably sit there reading this thinking, "crying over being able to eat chocolate?", yet this represents so much more for those of us who live with these allergies. Someone listened and cared and are committed to keeping us safe. I cannot begin to express the thanks I feel at your new decision to remain peanut free!
Susan MacNeil

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 3:44am
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This information is also posted on Nestle's web site. For further information on why they reversed their decision, visit [url=""][/url] - the info is on the Home Page.
This is absolutely incredible!! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 4:21am
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I have just emailed my thank you's. I hope they receive just as much of an overwhelming response from this decision.
Congratulations to everyone!!
I can't wait to tell my son when he comes home from school. I'm debating going there to tell him the good news!

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 4:24am
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I am SO THRILLED! This demonstrates how effective we can be and that people do listen. The overwhelming response must have taken Nestle by surprize, I'm happy to see that they realized their mistake and were not afraid to reverse it!
Many thanks to everyone, especially our American friends for contacting Nestle and a special thank you to Eileen for posting this.
What a great Birthday present! I think I'll celebrate a few days early!
Katiee (Wade's mom)

Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2001 - 6:34am
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I'm crying, I'm so happy!!!


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