toddlers and severe reactions

Posted on: Mon, 05/21/2001 - 3:51am
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pI just read the article about the third grader who died on a school field trip. His main symptoms appear to be "feeling sick". My concern is that how would I know if my 18 month old son was having a severe reaction. This older boy didn't appear to be throwing up, having hives or convulsing. Does anyone have a list of symptoms to watch out for with toddlers?/p

Posted on: Mon, 05/21/2001 - 8:55pm
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Kellyd, This is a tough question,because there are many different reactions from what I have heard and seen. My son was 10 months and his reactions were very visible to the eye. He was what a mom might call 'croupy'. He was all hives and turning blue. they were not always like this. He had one that started with stomach and turned into the same symptoms. The doctor told me one of the biggest signs with this allergy is 'sneezing' alot before the symptoms. When I look back he sneezed with every attack. Hives were always on his crease where the elbow is. I always say it is a mothers instinct and we just know when it is a reaction for some reason. We react out of instinct and you will know. Best wishes claire

Posted on: Mon, 05/21/2001 - 11:39pm
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My son's first symptoms are puffy red eyes, usually followed by tummy pain, nausea, occassionally he actually vomits. If it doesn't progress beyond this a dose of benadryl usually calms things down. The next thing to go is his breathing, he starts to cough, gets that tight wheezy sound and that's when we know it's more serious.
Unfortunately, I think from what I have learned here is that every person reacts a bit differently.
I read the article about poor Nate who died on a field trip and was horrified to read that the other kids were all given PB and J sandwiches to begin with. Whether my son ate these or not, he is definitely smell sensitive and the fact that so many other kids were eating this alone would be enough to set off a reaction. What a horrible tragedy! My prayers are with that whole community right now.

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