Let\'s contact Bruce Nelson- lawyer for Nathan Walter\'s family

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 7:24am
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pI was reading the letter sent to the media from Nathan's family lawyer. I don't know how much effect it may have, but I was thinking of writing him to let him know just how hard it is dealing with schools. Who knows? Maybe he'll realize the extent and bring national attention. What do you all think??? [url="http://www.krem.com/extra/family-letter.htm"]http://www.krem.com/extra/family-letter.htm[/url]/p

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 7:28am
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I heard indirectly (from an aunt who is friends with the family) that the family is angry, but wisely letting the lawyer tackle an independent investigation. Once that is completed, there are evidently already plans commencing with Dateline.
Don't know how firm those plans are, but it might help to let him know that he has our backing.

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 3:43pm
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I am very sick about what happened to Nathan. My son has been out of school now for 8 months because he has MANY Life Threatening Allergies. The school is ignorant to life threatening Allergies.I have already talked with my Atty's about doing something National. My son has been destroyed because of what has been done to him just because he has Life Threatening Allergies.I will NOT STOP Nathan's Death told me what I was doing with my son pulling him out of school was the right thing to do to protect my son. My son has been tutored paid for by the school but yet they won't grade him.My sons Special Ed rights have been violated, His 504 rights have been violated, My son has been discriminated against because of his allergies, also his right to a Free Public Education has been violated. I WILL NOT STOP.I will post when we get things Rolling. Please Email me with your thoughts

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2001 - 10:04pm
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Hi Lynne- I'm so sorry you have had all that trouble with the schools. I will begin my 504 soon for the fall 2002- my daughter will be entering kindergarten. I think if we emailed this lawyer with our stories of exactly how difficult it is dealing with schools etc., it could only help. What if he thinks it's only in the Spokane area? It couldn't hurt to let him know almost every state has problems. If he is going to be on Dateline, I'd like to hear him tell everyone it can and will happen elsewhere. I think it's fantastic that Canada has "peanut-free" preschool and elementary schools (again, not problem free, but def. better than in the US). I'm sure he doesn't know about that either. I only knew about it because I've lived on the border to Canada and through this site. Lynne, I think you should have an attorney but maybe sending this one a letter can help too- not for you personally, but just for educating him on the school systems. Kelly

Posted on: Tue, 06/12/2001 - 4:15am
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My son had a close call on a field trip and I can relate to the parents who lost their child. If my mother-in-law had not been on the field trip with my son (a family member always attends field trips and classroom parties) he would have eaten a PB&J sandwich. A teacher handed it to him. He was in kindergarten (now going into 3rd grade). At the age of 5, children know but yet they rely on adults to guide. He took it and opened it and my mother-in-law pulled it out of his hands immediately.

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