Zinc & Castor Oil Cream


Good Afternoon,

I have been well, except every night when I go to bed I start to feel huffy and think, what is it about my bed!

Today I read on the internet that some Zinc & Castor Oil creams contain peanut oil. I rang the chemist (it was faster than walking home and looking at the container) and sure enough it does. I have been using the cream each night on cracks on my feet and even on my dry lips - so maybe if I stop that I'll feel even better.

Has anyone else had any experience with Zinc & Castor Oil cream - or any other creams lotions. Please tell me.

What else is there that I don't know about!

As you said Adele "I don't know if it gets easier or if we just get used to it."

I am still getting used to it. I also read that Pears soap may contain peanut oil also.

Cheers! I found that Bluebird crispy chips are peanut free! And I'm enjoying them!!

Everyone is being REALLY GOOD with my food and I haven't had any further reactions except last week on Tues & Wed I wasn't feeling good at all.

Found out that on Tues they roasted peanuts in the kitchen and on Wed morning ground the peanuts, made peanut butter and then peanut butter sandwiches (which I didn't eat), but it seems just the airborne particles is enough to set me off! So, they are going to let me know when roasting or grinding peanuts and I won't go in the kitchen.

------------------ SJC

On Apr 18, 2007

When dd was a baby she was allergic to the diaper cream. It caused her bottom to go lobster red and ooze. I stopped using it and found out later that it may have contained peanut oil. No doubt that is what the problem was.

On Apr 18, 2007

What kind of communal living arrangement do you have that you are around other people cooking with peanuts, if you don't mind my asking (w/o getting specific with names)?

If it's a religious one, I think I could have some good language for you for asking them to not use peanuts at all anymore.

You are airborne sensitive, and they are endangering your health by roasting peanuts at all--even if you're not present.

On Apr 22, 2007

Thanks for your concern McCobbre,

Everyone is being really careful and looking out for me. I feel like I am the nuisance, but everyone tells me that they want to look after me and be careful.

It is really easy to stay away from the kitchen, which is in a separate building which I don't have to go into, so they'll let me know and I won't go in there.

There is a lot of love given to me and I am grateful.

I have not had that same awful feeling when going to bed now I have stopped the zinc cream - so any others - beware!

------------------ SJC