Yummi Bears Vitamins


Has anyone had any experience with Yummi Bears vitamins? My son (who is a terrible eater) will not take the regular kids vitamins, and I purchase these gummy bear type thinking he might take these. I called the manufacturer to inquire about peanut or tree nut ingredients and this is the reply I received:

The Yummi Bear vitamins are manufactured in a separate part of the plant on their own dedicated line. However, other parts of the plant do use peanut products in some of the supplements.

The rep said that she believed these vitamins would be perfectly safe for the pa and ta individuals.

I am wondering how all of you feel about this. Would you give them to your pa child? I am desperate to find a vitamin my son will take, as I know he is not getting an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals in his meager diet. Thanks.

On Feb 16, 2001

Personally, I would feel comfortable with a dedicated line in a separate part of the building. It's pretty hard to find an entire plant with no peanuts, so this is almost as good as it gets. If you're concerned, you might call the company periodically, maybe each time you buy more of the vitamins, to make sure their manufacturing process is still the same.

On Feb 16, 2001

my kids seem to love the sesame street vitamins and the flintstones ones. have you tried those? don't know where they are produced however.

On Feb 16, 2001

My son w/PA won't eat any other vitamin either. We use L'il Critters Gummy Vites and never have had any problem.

On Feb 16, 2001

Thanks to everyone for your input.

Stay Safe

On May 12, 2002

did anyone ever find a safe vitamin for kids or adults????

On Sep 23, 2002

Does anyone have the phone number for Lil Critters gummy Vites? I"m having a hard time finding a vitamin for my ds. Allergies are soy,dairy,egg and peanut.

On Sep 24, 2002

We've been using these for about 3 years now without a problem. I did call and was satisified with cleaning procedures.

You can buy them at Walmart.

On Mar 24, 2003

Just raising this to let you know the bottle I bought today says "Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts" I have not noticed this before and believe me, it's in the fine print or I wouldn't have gotten them all the way home. What to do now? These are the only vit's my little girl will take.

I also didn't see any contact numbers on the label. Are these out now too? Did any of you ever talk to the manufacturer? UGH.

On May 1, 2003

BeckyA - which vitamins do you mean? The Little Critters ones? I bought the Yummi Bears and plan on givin them to my 4 year old PA/TNA. I don't see a warning on them. I called the manufacturere and the lady told me no peanut/tree nut products hidden anywhere.

On May 1, 2003

I bought the Lil Critters one too and didn't notice the warning until getting home and actually opening the bottle. No contact info which was so frustrating. Decided to try them anyway and we did fine.

On Aug 10, 2003

I bought the Lil Critters one too and noticed the warning after I gave to my daughter for a while. She is fine. Has someone contacted the company recently?



On Aug 10, 2003

We've used L'il Critters Gummy Vites for about 6 mo now and have never had any problem.

I never noticed the warning either, it is kind of buried in a paragraph of stuff. It says 'The facility that manufactures this product also produces products that contain peanuts'.

Since we haven't had a reaction, and no one else on this board has yet, we'll stick with them for now.

Thanks for the heads up! Pamela

------------------ Mom to 2 y/o Karissa (PA >100 CAP RAST)

On Aug 11, 2003

My son has been taking the Yummi Bears with no problems now. There are two things I don't like about them, though. First, they look a lot like candy which makes me nervous. Second, you are supposed to take 4 at a time. I would like to switch to something else.

On Aug 22, 2003

My kids take these.


The company makes only one other product that contains peanuts, and IT is on a dedicated line, so I feel very comfortable with them.

On Aug 22, 2003

I forgot to say, that several years ago I gave yummi bears to my kids. My pa kid was fine, my non pa got hives from them. I'm not sure which ingredient gave him hives, since he didn't have a known allergy to any of what was listed.

On Aug 23, 2003

We have used the antioxidant form of Yummi Bears for some time without any allergy problems.

On Oct 8, 2003

I've been giving my PA son the Gummy Vites for about three years now -- I even recommended them to my PA nephew! I was shopping for them today when I noticed the Gummy Vites "plus echinacea" version and decided to read the label. I was so shocked that it carried a peanut warning -- buried in the fine print, of course. The regular Gummy Vites also have the same warning, I just never saw it. We've had no major reactions, although I do remember my son getting some blotches around his mouth after having these once or twice, which thought might be due to his mild allergy to some citrus fruits. What bothers me most is that "This product contains no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors" is in boldface type, but the nut warning is buried at the bottom of the next paragraph. And, as others have noted, no contact information is provided -- not even on their website! Has anybody on this board found an address or phone number? I would love to make a suggestion that they put the nut allergy warning in boldface.

On Oct 26, 2005

i saw these today at walmart. i wanted to buy them. the worms said no nut ingredients but they have nuts on a separate line. i may feel comfortable with that, not sure. has anyone had problems with these. does anyone use them all the time without incident? we have been using vitaballs which are nut free.

On Oct 26, 2005

We use Winnie the Pooh Gummies multivitamin.

I don't see a warning on the bottle, but I haven't actually called. The phone number is 1-888-848-2435.

Ingredients (besides vitamins) are:

Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, lactic acid, natural flavors, annato color, black carrot juice color concentrate, purple berry color concentrate (maqui berry juice concentrate, sugar), coconut oil, triglycerides, beeswax.


------------------ Mom to 6 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 2 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Oct 26, 2005

We use Rhino Gummy Bear Vitamins. No wheat(gluten),soy, milk,eggs,tree nuts, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The flavors are orange, cherry,lemon & strawberry. check them at nutritionnow.com