\You\'re too chicken to try it\

Posted on: Sun, 06/16/2002 - 8:26pm
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pWhat do you do if someone says,br /
"You're too chicken to try it" to a non-peanut product?/p
pOutside our home, DD does not eat anything without checking with us./p
pSaturday at a family party her cousin, 7, was talking about loving the cold cut hot ham. As usual, Lauren, 6, said she couldn't have it (not because she knew it was cross contaminated but because it was unpackaged food item which had not been OK'd by us yet). He responded with "You can have it. You're just too chicken to try it" (because you're afraid it is too hot). She stood her ground and said, "No, I just can't have it". He repeated himself calling her chicken./p
pHow would you have handled this or would you have?/p

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