You tell me your dreams...


Is anyone else having anxiety dreams as school approaches? The kind where you can't find your allergic child in a maze... or someone who doesn't speak your language is trying to sell you peanut-containing foods... Strange, but not unexpected at this time of year!

On Aug 18, 2002

Okay here is a dream I had just a few days ago and my interpretation: ~*~ dream: My 5-1/2 yr. old was near this really ENORMOUS BLACK HOLE that was extremely dangerous and I was helping her over it. I knew if she fell into it, she would never come back...I would lose her forever. I just about had her over it and she started slipping through my hands. I got so scared and if not for her medic alert bracelet that I was able to grab while she was slipping, I would have lost her. There was this "friend" who in the dream had no face, that was standing there watching but would not help me. Happy ending...I was able to save her. But I was angry at this friend! ~*~ interpretation: We were at a Christian retreat last week when I had this dream. During her bible class, my daughter had received The Lord Jesus. I interpreted this hole to be "hell". And the faceless one was Satan. Silly me...maybe it was just my subconcious thinking about school starting!

On Aug 22, 2002

I am having dreams of my 4 yo son in his brother's school! He won't be there until next year, and I never have a bad dream about his preschool this year. I had a dream that he started having a reaction in the library and no one noticed. I think that he will immediately tell someone or start screaming if he ingests any peanut things, he screammed as if acid were burning in his mouth a couple of weeks ago when we had to give him the epi for the first time. I hope he never has another reaction obviously, but if he does I hope he will always scream loudly!