You can NEVER be sure what you\'re eating?

Posted on: Mon, 01/28/2008 - 1:19pm
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I'm not posting this to terrify people into not eating out at fast food restaurants, cause I'm sure we're all aware of the hidden dangers of eating out at ANY restaurant, but just wanted to share something my niece told me today about what happened on her job today at Wendy's.

She said she accidentally dropped a prepared frosty w/lid into the french fry fryer, while it was frying a batch of fries, and that the lid melted into the french fries, but they got the cup out. And, they served the fries anyway...:O(
I'm assuming that most ANYONE with an allergy to dairy would be affected if they consumed a batch of french fries that had a frosty dropped into it.

I just wanted to share this, cause it actually helped me realize that even when you're ingredients lists on the websites all check out and everything seems okay for your little ones to partake of their foods, you just NEVER know what has happened "behind the scenes" while your food order was being prepared!

Posted on: Tue, 01/29/2008 - 3:42am
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Did she say *why* they served them anyway? Did she say if the manager said it was okay?
Did she say if they have had food allergy training? I would consider contacting the branch manager and letting them know that you had heard this from one of the employees directly (of course without ratting out your niece).
Did you talk to your niece about this as well? I would be worried that she and others did not take food allergies seriously and what a potentially could happen.

Posted on: Tue, 01/29/2008 - 10:35am
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I'm sure that food allergies weren't even on their minds.
At the least, what SHOULD have been on their minds was that a plastic lid melted in the fryer, the fryer was contaminated with plastic and the fries were probably coated in plastic. How allergies aside!

Posted on: Wed, 01/30/2008 - 4:09am
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