I live In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Recently IGA- has changed their image, and is now called Garden Market IGA. Th point is their peanut display is highly elaborate, takes up alot of space, is piled high and is practically spilling over in to other produce. I've shop there for years, and am surrounded by IGA's- I've alreay talked to management- but has gotten me no where. I have MAIN working on a petition- but need YOUR HELP- PLease drop the head management a line- at [email]""[/email]

YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE!!!! Leave me a link after you email-THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On Jun 17, 1999


We did a petition here in Calgary in the spring that was sent to Superstore, Safeway and Coop asking them not to have the open peanut displays. I have noticed that in the Superstore and both Safeways that I shop at there are no more of these open bins.

Why don't you contact the Calgary Allergy Network [url=""][/url] about our petition?

Good Luck

On Jun 17, 1999

I sent off a letter today. My best advice is to keep going up the ladder until you get what you want. If you don't get any help from the head manager, ask who his boss is. If you don't get any help from his boss, ask who his boss is, etc., etc., etc.


On Jun 17, 1999

Hi, what worked for me here in Ontario was a letter from the public health department. I called them to ask about regulations for covered storage ( there were none) and the director suggested that he could send out a letter spelling out the health concerns and requesting cooperation in keeping the bins covered. Good luck.