My son's daycare called this morning to ask if he can eat Trix yogurt. I just said No Way, because I didn't feel like making an emergency call to whoever produces that, I figured it was probably all full of garbage anyway...and he hates yogurt besides. But in case it comes up again, what kinds of flavored yogurt do you use, if any?

On Jul 24, 2000

My 2 year old PA son eats Trix cotton candy flavored yogurt about 4 times a week with no problem. It's a nice little treat for him.

On Jul 24, 2000

My toddler LOVES Yo Baby Organic yogurt by Stonyfield Farm. I buy about 2 six packs a week because he eats so much of it.

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On Jul 24, 2000

My son eats Yoplait and Gogurt (we freeze it and the kids think they're having ice cream!) and Trix without any problems.

On Jul 25, 2000

My two year old eats the single serving Stoneyfield yogurts and/or Columbo every day.