\"Yes Dear\" entire episode revolved around PA


I don't think this was a repeat. A squirrel was eating peanuts in their backyard and the wife whisked away the son. The husband couldn't pick up the peanuts because he was allergic, the wife couldn't because she was breastfeeding and didn't know if the baby was allergic. Her sister got rid of them. The rest of the episode was about getting rid of the offending squirrel, and a quick mention of how they didn't know where the peanuts were coming from.

Anyway, there were no stupid jokes about being allergic, and the wife said that just touching the peanuts could potentially kill their son. Tomorrow someone will mention to me about the episode. And one person watched it, then someone else surely did. Maybe they'll start to realize we're not all making this up!

On Apr 14, 2003

I was very pleased with the episode because it was factual and informative. When the son said that he was "sorry that he was allergic to peanuts" my heart broke. My son has said that he wished he wasn't allergic and even said that he was sorry too.

On Apr 15, 2003

I thought the episode was fantastic. I like how Kim referred to peanuts as poison to her son. That really gets the message across.

On Apr 15, 2003

I saw Yes Dear last night. I was shocked at the way they handled it. Great on their part and my kids enjoyed the episode. they still kept the comedy aspect going but yet got the message across. I thought the way they had Jimmy handle it and talk about it was great. He is the one with no brains on the show. When he took the part serious and how he wouldn't eat Peanuts because of Sammy I liked that. I wonder now how many animal activists will be mad about the gun and trying to kill the squirrel. That always seems to happen of course. When Kim ran it over with the car i had to laugh. Not that i want to run around killing things but it just gave laughter to the show as well. Something tells me they really are dealing with Peanut allergies in real life on that set because it has been mentioned about 3 or 4 times in different episodes. 10 Stars for Yes Dear!!!!!!!

On Apr 15, 2003

I ready in the FAAN newsletter that the cast of Yes Dear will be doing the next information poster after Kevin Sorbo.

On Apr 15, 2003

Love that show!!! They have done some others allergy aware shows in the past around peanuts and strawberries. I think it is awesome they continue to incorporate this into their story line time and time again.

On Apr 15, 2003

Taped the show and I just it saw it tonite. Good episode, but couldnt they just call an animal catcher or couldnt the dad just muster up some more courage, not to shoot it, but to give it another try at catching it and setting it free in the park! But, otherwise good exposure!

On Apr 16, 2003

Redtruck I think they could have called the animal catcher but they would have nothing else for the rest of the show. I thought it was an excellent show. We just need to remember that the show is a comedy. I thought the fact that Jimmy the ding dong was so caring and intelligent was great. It showed that no matter how smart or dingy you are you can still understand the allergy if you have feelings. It think the animal catcher was just something that they couldn't do because it would have taken interest out of the show for some.

On Apr 16, 2003

My husband TIVO'd the show for us & we watched it yesterday. I have to say I was well pleased with it too. I loved the way the show kept is humor without "making fun" of the peanut allergy. I also liked that they commented about breastfeeding & not being able to be around the peanuts.

I think this show is going a good ways in helping people understand what we deal with on a daily basis.

Does anyone know if one of the actors has a peanut allergy??

Lea (mom to Jamie, 4-15-00, PA & TNA and to David, 4-10-03)

On Apr 16, 2003

Hey Redtruck,

Where have you been? It's great to see you posting.

I [b]still[/b] haven't seen this show. Hope I get to, one of these days...


On Apr 16, 2003

Yeah, dont get me wrong i enjoyed the show, and only thought of the animal catcher because i fear a backlash from animal rights activists who will see that issue as more vital than the allergy issue. Thanks Going Nuts for the welcome back, i've been around, just havent had much time post!

On Apr 17, 2003

I didn't catch the show this week, but have seen it before. Go to [url="http://www.cbs.com"]www.cbs.com[/url] and click on Feedback at the bottom to tell them how much this episode was appreciated!

On Apr 20, 2003

Gave the feedback per BENSMOM's suggestion. Very easy to do.

FYI, I noticed on FAAN's website that one of the 2002 "Making A Difference" award recipients in the Public Awareness catagory is Greg Garcia, Producer of "Yes Dear".