YES!!! 504 plan approved and no hassles!!

Posted on: Thu, 06/03/2004 - 3:10am
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I am so excited ladies (and gents)!! I just came from a meeting with my son's school to do his accommodation plan (504). I have been so stressed for weeks and it was a breeze. I am so lucky, although this is for next year and all the hard stuff will be implementing the plan and making sure that it is followed.

My 6 yr old PA/TNA/Soy/severe asthma DS attends a military base school here in South Carolina. I started to get some negative feelings from one admin worker during his IEP. Fortunately she kept getting pulled out of the 504 meeting! [img][/img] The few minutes she was there, she questioned a lot, but the person writing up the 504 assured me, that if this is what needs to be done to save my DS's life, it will be done "NO MATTER WHAT".

I have to say I am extremely lucky. I would like to thank each one of you for your input, guidance, and 504 plan's examples. Especially Ryan's mom. They were extremely impressed that I had everything done and things that they had never even thought of. They were also extremely grateful for all the info that they have learned. I just hope putting the plan into action and educating all the staff next year will go by just as smoothly. Of course, I am expecting those that try to discourage..but I have been told to stand firm and strong, remind them that this is a little boy's life they are arguing about, who cares about inconvenience for a few hours.

Also please pray that my son's new f/a tests next week will not show any new foods. Having problems with GI symptoms, blood shot and swelling of the eyes and we do not know from what.. We will be testing for dyes..etc.. (coincidence that I just saw the blue dye post)


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Posted on: Thu, 06/03/2004 - 3:55am
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Hi Renee CONGRATULATIONS [img][/img] I am so glad it was easy. My ds's school has been great so far. They were also impressed by all the info and research I had done. Our meeting is still to be set but things should get moving soon. Again congratulations and dont worry about the fall you will do great [img][/img]
I am from SC [img][/img] but moved 6 years ago and boy do I miss it.
Have A Great Day

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