Hi, I got my 504 approved today. They pretty much gave me everything I asked for. I was so happy. I could have cried. The nurse had a very different disposition with me today and lately....DH thinks she either finally REALLY understands my concerns and food allergies OR she gave up trying to control me and the situations at school... So, still a bit more work to do to help brainstorm presenting some of the changes that affect the general population as well as solutions if other kids have pb etc. for now, pn/tree nut "aware" classroom. No pb for lunch until our cafeteria is ready. All guidelines and procedures are in place. It is a very detailed plan with several components. We are planning to sign next week. I'm praying this will be a great thing for my DS.... Thanks to everyone (maybe the ones not here will see) who helped guide me and encourage me to do this. It was so easy. I wish I would have persued it more before.

On Sep 27, 2007

MFA Mom,

Congrats! Good for you, Hope all goes well!

If and when I go down that road I might be asking for advice on here where a 504 plan is concerned. Sounds like my daughters school might be wanting to avoid it if and when she goes back to school.


On Sep 28, 2007

congratulations! it'd always so great to hear good news. :-)