YAY!!! Frontier Airlines

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We flew last week on Frontier at the last minute because of a family emergency and Frontier was awesome! We had 2 flights each way and on each flight the crew made announcements to the passengers that there was a severly PA child on board and they would appreciate no one eating anything with peanuts during the flight. The crew on the first flight even came over and asked me if it was safe for another passenger to eat almonds on board because they were unsure of it was safe for us. I was told that they were even trained to use the EpiPens at their training sessions and that they carry them onboard. I was very inpressed with all of them and am writing a letter to Corporate with all of their names to show my gratitude! They did serve granola bars which have a may contain warning on them but I didnt mind too much and we didnt eat them.

Also, they have direcTV service on all of the AirBus planes and you can order Disney movies on the flights if time permits. It is a huge plus flying with kids and entertaining for adults who dont sleep on flights.

If you have to fly and can chose Frontier I definately reccomend them!!!!