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pDear Friends,/p
pOn April 19, 2001, Nestle Canada announced a change in its manufacturing policy regarding several products ([url]http://www.nestle.ca/english/ourcompany/oc-news.html[/url]) including Smarties chocolates. /p
pEffective, Jan. 2002, Nestle Canada has decided to change its manufacturing policy and will no longer produce Smarties in a nut-free environment. Unfortunately, this new policy will affect about 1.5% of the Canadian population and probably prevent them from eating any chocolate products./p
pMy son, Christopher (4years old), has a life-threatening nut-allergy and for the past three years, Smarties has been the only chocolate he has been able to eat. As of next January, Christopher and other children like him (about 100,000 in Canada) will not be able to eat any chocolate at all. /p
pIn the big picture, this may not seem like a big deal and there are many other childhood illnesses that are much more serious. However, living with a life-threatening nut allergy is like living with a ticking time bomb. Every day, every child with this problem may eat something that will kill them. So, in my mind, it is extremely serious./p
pIt is important to remember that Nestle spends (and has spent) millions of dollars in marketing (to all children) in order to create demand for their chocolate products. Is Nestle prepared to spend some of that money to help de-indoctrinate those nut-sensitive children? Do they really care about their special needs customers?/p
pAs the father of a small boy with a potentially life-threatening problem, it is my duty to help him and others kids like him. I have already spoken to Bob Leonidas, Nestle Canada's President of the Confectionery Division, and have expressed my thoughts and concerns to him. My goal is to persuade Nestle Canada to be a good corporate citizen and help these children in some way. /p
pAs a friend, colleague and parent, I am asking for your assistance to help influence Nestle Canada. They will listen if enough people let them know about their concerns./p
pI have posted a website [url="http://www.savethesmarties.com"]www.savethesmarties.com[/url] , which gives more information, contact numbers, etc. Please visit this site, contact Nestle Canada and let them know your concerns. Let's help these kids....../p
pThank You from the bottom of my heart./p


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