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Posted on: Thu, 08/15/2002 - 2:57am
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pI just discovered this company today, Kellie's Candies. They are completely nut-free. Their site is [url="http://www.nutfreecandy.com"]http://www.nutfreecandy.com[/url] /p
pI did a search on this site and only found a handful of mentions for it, so I thought I would bring it up again for others to see./p
pI had a nice conversation with the owner on the phone today. Their number is 978.658.6403. They send some of their profits to FAAN./p
pTheir facility is nut-free and any ingredients that they bring in (like pretzels) are produced in a nut-free facility. One note is that I was told that the raw chocolate that they order comes from a facility that does contain peanuts, but the peanuts are held in a completely separate part of the facility than where the chocolate is produced./p
pI also enjoy VT Nut Free chocolates and use them all the time, but I think this company offers some other types of fun products and I will try them as well. The owner of this business pointed out that our site (peanutallergy.com) is sponsored by VT Nut Free and therefore (even though her own daughter is PA), she has tried to keep away from pushing her company on our site. I did see that she tried to mention it 2 or so years ago (when I did the search), but I guess it didn't get that much attention./p
pI'll let you know how yummy the candy is when it comes!/p

Posted on: Thu, 08/15/2002 - 5:13am
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I order from both Kellies Candies and Vermont Nut Free. For my daughters christening I wanted to have chocolate pops for favors. I called them up and they made me some round chocolate pops with a white cross I called only a week before the christening and since I live in Massachusetts they delivered them to my house themselves. That was so nice of them. Everyone loved them, they are delicious.

Posted on: Thu, 08/15/2002 - 7:13am
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How cute is their Halloween stuff?!
I cannot wait to get that pumpkin for my son-he is going to LOVE that!
Thanks so much for posting about it. I also order from VT Nut Free a lot, but I think I will give this compaany some of my business as well.

Posted on: Fri, 08/16/2002 - 11:38am
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We use Vermont Chocolates as well as Kellies. They are both delicious. I particularly enjoy Kellies chocolate covered popcorn - milk and white chocolate varieties.
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