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Worry about hives, or just from chlorine?

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My PA DD had a slowly-developing case of hives that lasted 2 days and is basically better this morning. We have no reason to believe she ate or came into contact with peanuts. She's had no other symptoms. But she woke up Friday morning with a few itchy blotches she thought were mosquito bites, but weren't. As the day went on she developed these blotches all over her body, but they didn't look like hives. They weren't raised at all. We gave her a bath and some Benadryl eventually. Yesterday, all blotchy again. At bathtime, they'd turned into hives, the big, raised, irregular classic ones. We gave her Benadryl and checked her peak flow, too. She's been fine in every other way. This morning, her neck and torso are clear; she just has a few flat blotchy areas on her legs. She had swimming lessons this past week and she didn't get a bath after the one on Thursday, the last day of them for the week. She doesn't swim in chlorinated pools often, but this has never happened, even with swimming lessons in this same pool. It wasn't immediate, so it isn't cold uriticaria. She does have chronic eczema in two areas, but this didn't seem to be eczema. I've written down everything she ate in case it continues and we start to suspect a new food allergy.

Anyway, any ideas? I've read some of the old threads, and I know hives can be just mysterious sometimes. She's had one or two tiny facial spots at many times, but this was large and widespread, but mostly not involving her face. It reminded me of the hives she used to get when she was first allergic to peanuts as a 1YO, but not of the reactions she's had since then. And her fingers and toes didn't swell with this, and she had only one hive on one ear. I didn't want to bring her to urgent care, because they usually know less about allergies than I do. I was set to call her allergist this morning, but it's basically cleared up.

On Jun 26, 2006

could be a case of viral hives. Sometimes a child produces hives when they are fighting another infection. It may be worth going to GP , esp if a high temp apears. I have met children who hive up with flu, ear infections, etc etc. just a thought........... sarah

On Jun 27, 2006

My niece and oldest daughter both had red blotches after swimming in a chlorinated pool on more than one occasion; neither has any food allergies. In all cases they went away in a few hours. If it happened to my peanut allergic daughter, I would have given her benedryl and wondered about cross contamination from something. The other girls didn't complain much about it so we just kept an eye on it did not treat it. Just mentioning this to suggest it may not be peanut related.

On Jun 28, 2006

Thank you. My mom thinks it sounds like somthing ingested with the way it kept progressing for such a long time even though her skin got washed. And we hadn't used new soap or laundry detergent or anything that would have continued to be in contact with her skin. But whether it was highly diluted peanut in the water or something else she wouldn't normally swallow dissolved in the water, who knows? I keep seeing kids and teachers spitting water back into the pool and I cringe. Could highly-diluted peanut protein in the water cause no mouth pain or stomach ache, but cause hives? Normally my DD feels peanut ingestion immediately in her mouth, and she reacts to tiny traces - but not normally with full-body hives. I don't know what to think. Two more days of swimming lessons haven't made it happen again.

On Jun 28, 2006

I used to get chlorine related hives when we first moved to FL and they would persist despite Benadryl and bathing. My parents finally realized that they were worse after the pool had been shocked or other chemicals were added so I avoided the pool for a few days after. Also, in the summer in FL the tap water has a huge amount of chlorine in it (sometimes it measured higher than the pool) so they would wash me down with bottled spring water.

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