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Worchestershire sauce

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Does anyone know about Lea & Perrin's Worchestershire sauce? There's nothing on the label that would indicate peanuts or "made on" or "cross manufactured," but my son broke out in hives last night after we'd eaten pork chops marinated in Worchestershire. Everything else in the dinner he'd had before--brown rice, english peas.

Thanks everyone.

On Jul 18, 2007

What exactly are english peas. My son is very allergic to them. Not sure on the sauce but you could try emailing or calling them. Good luck

On Jul 18, 2007

You're very sure he's not allergic to fish? It contains fermented fish (anchovies), which is the first thing I'd suspect.

On Jul 20, 2007

Peanuts and green peas are both legumes. I would guess that your son reacted to the peas, not to anything in the marinade. My kids are allergic to peanuts and cannot eat any legumes, including peas and most beans.

On Jul 31, 2007

We barbecued the other night in which my husband marinated the meat in worchestershire sauce and then stupidly we put some zucchini on the grill for our mfa child. He itched wildly after eating the zucchini. We looked at ingredients and it has anchovies and soy in it, so never again!!!


On Jul 31, 2007

I would wonder about the peas. My PA ds does eat Worc. sauce once ina while, never had an issue.

On Sep 5, 2007

I agree, I think it was the peas. My PA son eats worch. all the time. But I know to keep away from peas.

On Sep 5, 2007

I called Lea & Perrins several months back to question their Worcestershire Sauce @ 800-987-4674. I was assured this product was peanut & treenut safe. Thanks god...we use it a lot!!!

On Sep 6, 2007

Thanks everyone. It wasn't the peas. He eats those several times a week with no problem. We skin tested him last week on all the ingredients of the meal, even breaking down the ingredients of Worchestershire--anchovies, tamarind, soy, etc. and he didn't react to anything. It's a mystery. I appreciate everyone's help.