Wonder Bread

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I am so frustrated with companies responding to questions about allergies with the phrase "you can be rest assured we only use the finest ingredients." I contacted them and got a letter in writing with this response. They told me they seldom use peanuts and the suggest I read the ingredients on whether there is dairy. Seldom use peanuts, so they do sometimes. They also told me that they do not have a data base that lists off ingredients in their products. What???? I am so frustrated, do these companies just not get it!!! Thanks for letting me vent!

On Apr 23, 2003

We have eaten Wonder bread without incident. I never phoned them as we had used this brand many times before the peanut/nut allergy diagnosis.

On Apr 23, 2003

Hi Karen I don't know whether you live in the USA or Canada. But, in Canada Dempsters is a safe bread choice. A while ago I called Dempsters to let them know what a great idea the peanut/nut free facility logo is (that they put on their fresh waffles). The customer service rep said she would pass on the comment to the marketing department and mentioned as an aside that all their bread products are produced in a peanut/nut free facility! I posted this in a previous thread on waffles, but thought I'd repost here. Sarah

On Apr 23, 2003

I am in the U.S...Texas specifically. I am not familiar with that brand. Thanks anyways!