Wisconsin/Minnesota trip & recs.


We ate in a lot of places and he had no reaction. Here's a partial list:

1. Kristina's Cafe (Baraboo, Reedsburg and a couple of other towns in WI): PEANUT OIL. DS had to eat a plain hot dog.

2. Happy Chef (Midwest Chain): uses "vegetable oil." DS had a waffle, no reaction.

3. Granite City Cafe, St. Cloud, MN: uses "vegetable oil." DS had chicken fingers and fries, no reaction.

4. Little Angie's Cantina & Grill, Duluth MN. Uses canola oil, and the very informed server came back from the kitchen to say the chef wanted to assure us there were no peanuts in the kitchen at all! I recommend anyone coming through Minnesota eat here; the food was good, too.

5. Louis', Duluth, MN: Greek/American restaurant, uses "vegetable oil." DS had breakfast, no reaction. He has eaten gyros there before with no reaction.

We also ate at a bakery (just sandwiches), a Subway (sandwich and chips--no cookie), and a supper club where DS ate a whole 7" pizza. We had no PA incidents the entire trip.