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We have few restaurants where I live near Houston (we moved from Dallas, which has the highest number of restaurants per capita in the country--and Houston has many, but there aren't many near us). A Wing-Stop is opening, and I saw on a flyer that they serve carrot and celery sticks as a side. This automatically earned the restaurant lots and lots of points from me.

I just called the location nearest me, and was told right off the bat that the oil they use indicates that it "may contain peanut oil." The person I spoke with said that they don't use any kind of batter on the chicken before frying, and the sauces they use afterward contain no nut products.

We won't go because of the oil, but I think I would still be worried about the sauce until I got confirmation from the headquarters. This is a franchised restaurant, and I don't know if ingredients change from place to place.

I do know that w/o my prior knowledge, DH took DS to another Wing-Stop nearby, and I don't remember DS having any reaction, but I've been hesitant about taking him back--even when he's asked over and over to go.

It's too bad about the oil thing. I've wondered for years why fast food restaurants don't serve prepackaged carrot sticks as a french fry substitute (we love having the apples at McD's and the oranges at Wendy's and I like the idea that Chick Fil A offers mixed fruit).

Anyone have an allergy experience with this restaurant--good or bad?

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