william\'s story on bbc \' breakfast \'


We were on bbc breakfast tv this morning, and our story is on the bbc web site click on the news section, and then on to health. I am not very good with links, so hope you can find it.


thanks sarah

On Sep 26, 2007

click on to 'allergy epidemic' and then scroll down on to click able link .

On Sep 26, 2007

Thanks for posting this Sarah. It still amazaes me that the people who are trained to care for our health know so little about LTA's.

Here is another link to Sara & William's story.


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On Sep 27, 2007

will be on local radio this after noon, at 2.45 , which will give me enough time to pick up the children from school!!

( bbc herts, beds, and bucks , three counties radio)


On Sep 28, 2007

Awesome!!!! William is a doll and you look great!