Will there be vaccine in next 10 years?


I have read much about the research that is being conducted, yet I am still unsure of the optimism. From what you have all heard or read, do you think there will be a vaccine in the next ten years? I understand that Tanox is trying to produce a shot that must be taken monthly, but the kids must still avoid peanut products. Do you think that there will ever be a day when we won't have to worry?

On Jun 13, 2001

Here is the link to the company that is working on the cure - it is still in pre clinical stages so 10 years away may be accurate (could be more). [url="http://www.dynavax.com/products.htm"]http://www.dynavax.com/products.htm[/url]

Just the fact that Tanox is in human clinical trials - their product is much closer to market. I spoke recently with one of the allergists that is working on the trials at Children's Hospital here in Boston and she told me that the trials are going well - slow - but well. This grant may help the trials to go a little faster!

I pray every chance I get that both of these products pan out for us.