will benedryl help eczema


My son eczema has gotten much worse this last week and as he has reacted to several things. I am not sure what is going on but he has an ear infection and on antibiotics and I wonder if his immune system is just week. Anyway I wondered if giving him some benedryl would help the eczeme if is flaring up due to allergies.

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On Nov 10, 2004

I don't know that it will help the excema clear up, but our dd's dermatologist and dr. said it's okay to give benadryl if she was really, really itchy because of it.

On Nov 19, 2004


My DD has severe excema and we use Atarax, which is similar to Benadryl. It helps relieve the itching. This has been a bad week for eczema, actually it has been a bad year fot it. Here are few other things which help. Everything which touches my DD skin has to be mild. We use a mild laundry soap, and rinse twice. No fabric softener. We bath her 2 a day, each time 5-15 minutes in tepid water with a bath oil (we use Oilatum). When she comes out, put a good layer of emollient (we use Glaxal Base or petroleum jelly. Do not dry them off when they come out of the bath, this is the key. This rehydrates their skin and the moisturizer seals the water in. If her skin is really dry the first 30 seconds in the bath will sting, but it is worth it to stay in. 100% cotton clothing so her skin can breath. Anything perfumed or harsh chemicals sets her off. Oh yeah if she is sick her eczema is worse. I usually have a 1-2 warning when she is getting sick her eczema is worse than usual. I have to apoligize for this disjointed response, or if I am telling you things you already know. My DD eczema has been acting up in the last week. She is not sleeping through the night, hence I am very sleep deprived. Hope your little guy feels better soon.



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