Will 911 really help?!

Posted on: Mon, 06/28/1999 - 2:57pm
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The "Food Allergy Network" reported in their recent newsletter about the major oversight in 911 Emergency Medical Services... some of them are NOT allowed and do NOT carry the life-saving drug, epinephrine.
How timely their findings were as just tonight airing on the national "NBC" evening news they reported about a 9 yo girl, named Christine, in Washington state, who recently DIED from an anaphylactic reaction. Her Mother called 911, did not have an Epi-Pen, when the EMT arrived they had no epinephrine and by the time "real" paramedics arrived Christine had DIED!
Two tragedies: 911 arrived with their hands tied and the Mother did not have the Epi-pen...
These laws need to be changed immediatley. If teachers, school nurses, and other care givers can administer epinephrine all emergency medical techs should too. Additionally, we need to be vigilant about always having an Epi-pen or two with the allergic individual at all times even at home.
I posted this under "media" also but wanted to be sure more people were exposed to this scary situation.
Any thoughts?


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