Who is trained in Epi at your school?

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 2:37am
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The nurse? Teacher? Principal? Specials teachers? Other teachers? Custodian?

I had to sign a school district form. The only people listed as people who can administer the Epipen were the school nurse, and in her absence, the custodian (who is an EMT). And ironically when I went to turn it in today there was a substitute nurse...well at least there IS one right?!

I had been told that all the teachers were trained. But they were not listed on the form. I have a feeling they don't WANT to be listed. And what about the principal? Since he oversees all the kids, shouldn't he be trained?

I ended up making a note on the form that it was my understanding all teachers are trained, and I would like to be sure the K teacher, the gym teacher, and principal were trained and able to administer. And I said I would like them included by 12/31/06 at which time I will sign an updated version of the form (nurse said their CPR/Epi training needs to be updated; that gives them a couple months). Was that the right thing to do?

I have already found my verbal requests go nowhere so I am putting all my little requests and concerns in writing, esp when they require me to sign something.

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Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 2:45am
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Ryan's teacher, all the 1st grade teachers that surround his classroom, his teacher from last year who is across the hall, both nurses, bus driver, music teacher, computer teacher, gym teacher, and lunch room monitor.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 2:55am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Teachers, office staff, custodial, lunch room supervisors are all trained and authorized to give epi-pen. Not all substitutes are trained, but some are.
We have no school nurse.
This is NOT board policy. This is school policy.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 3:00am
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We requested (as part of our 504) the following people be trained:
The classroom teacher, any teacher that will be in charge of our child (music, art, gym, library, etc.), principal, principal's secretary, food service personnel, both bus drivers, and custodian.
The nurse gave the training and we attended to answer any questions relating to our child.
We wanted the lunch room aids and recess aids trained as well, but some of these are parent volunteers and they did not know if they could/should "mandate" training. Our child does not eat lunch this year (half day kindergarten), so we will revisit this next year.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 4:09am
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The following people were trained at the initial training prior to school starting. This was done by a nurse at a Children's Hospital in the area.
All elementary school staff, including cafeteria workers and bus drivers. Also substitute bus drivers. And a substitute teacher was also assigned to be in DD's room if her teacher was sick, and she was also trained. Other special education teachers from the middle and high school also came.
Then a few weeks later all middle school staff were trained by the school nurse. (done without our knowledge, and there are no other PA kids in the school, but that is ok with us:-))
The school added another teacher at lunchtime and recess (2 instead of the previous 1) in addition to the parent volunteers to ensure safety.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 4:11am
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What about principals? Are they ever trained? I am surprised no one is mentioning the principal -- is it unreasonable to expect he would be trained as well?

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 4:16am
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Anonymous (not verified)

I was including the principal in office staff (sorry, should have clarified). Our principal is definitely trained -- has actually used an epi-pen on a student.
She also goes over the epi-pen (and I think now the twin-ject) with all school staff the beginning of the school year.
The only people NOT trained at my son's school are the ones that work at various schools, like the psychologist, OT, social worker, etc. People that are at his school on a daily basis are trained.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 5:26am
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Every single employee is trained at dd`s school, every teacher, every aide, cafeteria staff, office staff, everyone, even the janitor.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 8:24am
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Principal is also included in my list....of all school staff.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 8:59am
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All the teaching staff
All lunch supervisors.
All Educational Aids
All office staff.
Subs? If I see them, I ask them and ususally they say they are.
Plus: ALL classes are given a small "workshop" on anaphylaxis. Next year it will be me giving that one.
oops spelling mistake....
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Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2006 - 9:59am
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1. The custodian/cafeteria monitor
2. Cafeteria "manager"/cash register person (who is worthless with an aTTiTude)
3. Parent cafeteria monitor
3. Nurse (only there once a week)
4. Principal
5. Office secretary
6. Secretary's assistant
7. Yard Duty teachers
8. PE teacher
9. DS's two homeroom teachers
This is more people than I imagined the nurse would train, but she felt it was necessary. I thought it would be fine to let some of those people on the list be aware of who he is and the symptoms and where the epi is kept, who can give it, who to radio/call, what procedure to take to treat him, not necessarily treat him themselves. But that is fine.


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