Who Had a Reaction Free \"At School\" Year?


Who managed to get through the school year (our's ends tomorrow, so I can't answer quite yet), without their child having a reaction at school?

If your child did have a reaction at school, would you be willing to share details and any changes you made with the school after?

If your child did not have a reaction at school, could you tell us what precautions (if any) you have in place that you feel prevented a reaction?

Many thanks and best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Jun 27, 2007

YES!!!!!! and no contact reactions - last year this was a huge issue!!!

What made the difference? The teacher! The new principal! Having a 504! Dressing my dd in Capris or longer shorts and skirts so that when she sat down, the back of her legs were covered - less skin contact with contaminated seats and playground equipment. The teacher! Wipe containers available for my DD in other places like the cafeteria, media, etc... And my DD's friends - who seem to understand they need to be careful around her. Oh and did I mention, the teacher!

My DD's asthma was also better. What a great year we had!!!

We are changing schools next year - hummm......well, I'll worry in August - our 504 for next year is done - I'm taking July off from worrying about school!!!

On Jun 27, 2007

No reactions at school for my kdg son --

classroom snacks come from safe list - sent in by parents -- full boxes that the teacher keeps in the cabinet

my son only eats food from home

my son packs his lunch and eats with those who buy -- they serve sunbutter instead of PB

These are the main reasons I think he was reaction free -- NEVER NEVER eat something MOM did not send!

On Jun 27, 2007

No peanut reactions. She had quite a few cases of a few mystery hives, but I think we figured out that was latex elastic reactions. That got added to her allergy list this year.

Peanut-free classroom with only one kid bringing something peanut once for snack that the teacher intercepted. Peanut-free table in the lunchroom. Almost all food brought from home, except probably twice that the teacher checked on a food activity with me ahead of time and I OK'd it. Kids washed their hands before & after lunch.

On Jun 27, 2007

I thought I answered somethign like this a week or so ago. We had a few reactions at school this year(full day kindergarten). He had some welt's around his eyes at the peanut free table once, borderline bad reaction(alomst used Epi) at a school sponsored basketball game. He had a bad asthma attack(allergy triggered) and ended up in the ER. Ummm, I think that is it. He had a few at home as well(welts down his back after sitting on our couch shirtless(after grandpa sat there), throat squeezing after touching a bottle of hair color that I was using. And I am sure a few others!!

To fix the problems, I haven't really focused on any just one of them. I did a 504 and I hope it helps fill in the gaps with the school, but we'll see. I don't know what triggered the asthma problems, I suspect pesticide spraying, or peanut/nut snack in the classroom...but we never really pinpointed it. We'll see how next year goes, I hope better!

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On Jun 27, 2007

My son has just completed his 10th reaction free school year! His teachers have been awesome but he has also accepted responsibility for his own allergies and watched out for himself. He has never eaten a school lunch. I am proud of that (allergy or not)!

On Jun 27, 2007

Starting Over, Just curious, in that your child is older, what responsibilites have they taken upon themselves that used to be the school's?

On Jun 30, 2007

chanda4, if you'd felt like you'd already answered this ? posed by someone else, it would have been okay not to answer again. I'm kinda MIA from PA.com these days so unless the title was very similar to mine (which I did not see), I raised the ?.

Anyway, my guy just finished his 8th year of school (Grade 6). He has NEVER had a reaction at school except in Grade 2, but that was separate from school kinda - it was in a breakfast program that *I* was running.

What precautions do we have in place for Jess? Aside from wearing his Epi-Belt, a written school plan which probably needs up-dating and a school that calls itself "reduce the risk" (but leaves much to be desired), I think the only precaution is he uses the same computer in computer lab (so the same keyboard and mouse each time). Previously, we had provided (starting in Grade Two after a posting here by another Mom) a computer keyboard and mouse.

But no, no reactions and basically no precautions.

I am thankful. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Jul 1, 2007

No reactions for us either.

Son is in a nut free classroom, but may contains are not banned. I come in and and help when when I can on those days food might be an issue. He usually comes home for lunch. No other precuations beyond that. (of course he does carry his epipen etc.).

On Jul 2, 2007

In answer to your question Jenna, once my son got to high school, I no longer met with his indvidual teachers about his allergy. If something comes up, it is his responsibility to talk to his teachers.

He is in high school so we don't have to worry about kids bringing in baked goods like in elementary school.

He carries his Epipen and has paperwork on file with the school nurse and office. He doesn't ever buy school lunch.

I know each of us has our own way of doing things. This is mine and it has worked out well. My son is a well adjusted, typical boy and thus far has safely attended school.

It hasn't been easy to relinquish control but I feel like it is better to do it gradually so when he goes off to college, we will have the confidence to send him off. At least I hope! I can't stand the thought of him eating at a college dining hall! All in good time.

On Jul 2, 2007


Originally posted by Alternative to Mainstream: [b]chanda4, if you'd felt like you'd already answered this ? posed by someone else, it would have been okay not to answer again. I'm kinda MIA from PA.com these days so unless the title was very similar to mine (which I did not see), I raised the ?.


No, I apologize...sometimes I think I remember posting then I look and nothing is there. So I just commented that if I was repeating myself, I didn't mean to...but it might have been my mistake(since I have such a terrible memory). Sorry if that came out wrong(or rude).

edit/PS I do think someone asked in the thread about *last day of school*....so not a biggie!

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