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Posted on: Wed, 01/23/2008 - 9:19am
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My 7-year old daughter has tested >100 since age 2 and the only reaction I have ever seen was some minor contact sensitivity. After much research and personal experience with the peanut and other food allergies, I can very comfortably say that blood test results for IgE are neither indicative as to whether a reaction will nor the severity of the reaction. Case in point, 2 of my kids test highly positive (via IgE) for diary, soy and wheat (in my son's case, he tests a Class 3 for peanut). Both eat dairy, soy and wheat on a regular basis and my son eats peanut butter and jelly almost every day. Both are very healthy children. Don't sweat the blood test results. Unfortunately, though, the only way to determine how allergic is through trial and error.
We had no trouble getting a 504 plan when she entered kindergarten. That is appalling that you are having trouble with getting one. I would hire a lawyer to write a letter - that might give you some leverage. All he/she needs to mention is that a severe life-threatening allergy is considered by some federal courts to be a "disability."
Good luck.


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